Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Delivering change (changemanagement) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Delivering change (change centering) - Essay ExampleRobert (80-120) states that change management is quite an delicate and has to be handled with extra care by the management if the relationships inwardly the judicature are to persist unscathed and for the activities within the organisation to run as smoothly as they previously were.2. Change within the organisational structure may lead to employees being laid off, others are demoted and others promoted. This leads to strained relationships within the organisation and this may eventually affect the quality of work (Dean 100-20).For successful change management to take place, effective discourse strategy within the organisation has to be put in place. Communication bridges any possible action among employees or even between the management and the employees (Rob and McCalman 30-45). Employees may understand change, benefits of that particular change as good as its implementation differently and without proper communication, a c onsensus may never be reached. Instead of the management of Stepney Health centre communicating matters concerning this change through circulation of memos and using middle managers, they should hold a brush with all the staff members. Face to nerve communication is encouraged during organisational change management to handle tippy aspects of the same in order to ensure that the correct message is communicated and understood as it should. Face to face communication is encouraged when laying off employees, demoting them or even promoting them.The Human resource department of Stepney wellness centre held workshops and board meetings to communicate to the staff as a group on the organisational change. The problem with some managers is that they impose change on their employees instead of fully engaging the employees during the implementation of the change. New structures within the organisation as well as

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