Thursday, April 25, 2019

Compare malcolm x and martin luther king jr Essay

Compare malcolm x and martin luther king jr - Essay ExampleMalcolm grew as a bright student but an incident of racial disagreement in his class made him exit the school and he shifted to Boston. His encounter with subtle racism helped develop his anti-white views later in his life. He was pursue in anti-social activities in Boston and ultimately ended up in prison. He was a internal representation of the struggle of black people during this time and did not have any faith in Christianity (Shabazz, Haley & X, 5). On the other hand Martin Luther top executive Jr. pursued the footsteps of his father and attained the position of a minister. He attained his pastorship for the first time in 1955 when he was 25 years of age. Both the personalities took let out in politics and both had extraordinary power in delivering speech. However while Malcom X was a vehement preacher for the blacks and called for their organization against the white whom he blamed for all the misfortunes of Ameri ca, he changed his views later and called for inclusion body of whites, in contrast to his anti-white ideologies. On the other hand Luther King was a preacher of non violence who tactfully and persuasively focused on the employments of state interest and civic duty, being aware of the privileges obtained by the whites of Birmingham. Martin Luther King Jr. ... With a tone of peaceful persuasion, he suggests some imaginative solutions to adjust with changing clock with respect to the power of hope, optimism, and nonviolence strategy and finally a dream. All these would call for brave response under challenging circumstances. His careful reasoning is meant to influence his audience and delivers the underlying message unfolding the conflict of civic duty and the interests of the state that exist. He explains that he was asked by the Southern Christian Leadership conclave to help in the struggle for civil rights in Birmingham and this prevalence of blemish brought him there. He did not desire to see his people treated unequally and as second-class citizens who have often been victims of broken promises on behalf of the state. Therefore his presence was motivated by a desire to create a continuous organization, pretend shape to a struggle and clear cut vision along with devising of a forge which could turn their defeats into triumphs. His fellow clergymen had asked him not to come to Birmingham, yet he was there due to the presence of injustice and he did not have the mindset to sit back and watch the demonstrations passively. Coming to Malcom Xs mode of struggle, one finds his strong involvement with the Nation of Islam after coming in contact with Elijah Muhammads views. He became actively involved as he became the minister of the Nation of Islam. His involvement and encounters of racial discrimination began from his early childhood itself. His position now gave him the power to raise his voice in favor of righteousness. As a prominent personality he star ted to present his views on white America and racial politics. His

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