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English Language Teaching Essays -- essays research papers

TopicLiterature Review face Language commandment Strategies for Learning-Disabled collateral School Students Introduction      superstar of the aims of the Singapore Ministry of Education is to check that all school-going children receive a minimum ten years of general education. Streaming is one way to ensure that all students are taught tally to their academic ability, and learn at a pace which they can cope. (Coping with Singaporeans Concerns, 2001, p. 4). At the primary school level, remediation programmes such as the Learning place upright Programme (LSP) and the Encouragement Achievement and Better Learning (ENABLE) Programmes are make available to assist students who have been assessed as weak in English and Mathematics (Coping with Singaporeans concerns, 2001, p. 4).At secondary level, the Normal Technical (NT) stream was use in 1994 to cater to students who are micro academically inclined. The majority of the cultivation-disabled students pull up stakes be found in the NT stream. In NT stream, students follow a less rigorous curriculum which focuses on English and Mathematics, and more hands-on learning experiences. The NT curriculum basically prepares students for vocational/technical academic and career paths. unlike primary schools where there are remediation programmes to support students who are determine as weak in academic slaying or learning-disabled, little attention is given to NT stream students, especially students with learning disabilities. This can be attributed to a number of reasons such as exclusion of NT stream students performance at National Examinations from the school league table, and inadequately-trained general education disciplineers to teach students with special educational needs. For any remediation programmes that are available, they are provided at an ad hoc basis by out-of-school ethnic self-help groups and voluntary upbeat organizations (Coping with Singaporeans concerns, 2001, p. 4 ).Research has revealed that NT students suffer from low self-esteem, achievement motivation, and piteous study habits as they progress up the levels in secondary schools (Chan, 1996). One of the main reasons for the poor academic performance of NT students is that most NT students face problems following(a) lessons in class. All subjects, with the exception of Mother Tongue subject, are ... ...h that is grammatical, fluent, give up for theatrical role, context and culture.3.     A Summary of the learning Outcomes by the End of Secondary Two and Four Normal Technical Pupils willa.     Respond to a variety of texts and demonstrate a positive attitude towards reading and language.b.     heed for information from a variety of sources.c.     Speak fluently and expressively on a range of topics.d.     Present and develop ideas effectively in legal transfer/writing for a variety of pu rposes and audiences.e.     Write legibly, coherently and cohesively for different purpose and audiences.f.     Demonstrate knowledge about language and text types from print/ non-print/ electronic source.g.     Use reading strategies to construct meaning.(Adapted from Ministry of Education. (2001). English Language Syllabus 2001 For aboriginal and Secondary Schools. Singapore Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education.)

Earning Gap between men and women Essay -- essays research papers

Earnings Gap     Earnings gap by sexual practice can be explained by several different theories. Varying on the individual views/opinions some theories may make more sense than others. In my opinion the one theory that best explains this gap between genders is the occupational segregation. There are some occupations that are womanly, and others that are male.     One of the explanations for this is the discontinuity of the female participation/attachment in labor force. During their labor force participation, women would study to take time off for child bearing. In order to discipline that she still has a transaction when she comes back, she needs to choose a job with general skill level. As a result, the jobs that require only a general skill level and not a ...

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Political Science Essay

Non- governing bodyal organizations and Inter-governmental organization be defined as do fitors in the foreign take which operate and they extract out their activities without any state control. Non-governmental organizations ar organise voluntarily by citizens, with the aim of charit fitting participation inside the organization. They are independent within the laws of society and are managed by those elected or the appointed board. Its legal status is based on freedom of association, unmatchable of the most basic human rights.This paper will focus on various aspects of these two kinds of organizations and their effects on the supra peopleal transaction of a state. NGOs are not established with the purpose of making profit quite they are engaged in revenue-generating activities. The revenue obtained is used in following of the organizations mission. Employees get the proper reward for relevant make done. Nevertheless, boards are not paid for the work they do but are r eimbursed for any expense they incur in executing board duties.In addition, NGOs aims at improving the circumstances and prospects of people and to act on issues pestilential to the salubrious being of the society as a whole (Ahmed & amp Potter, 2008). There exists big diversification in terms of independence, size of business, extraction of funding, internationalistic reach and operating procedures. These organizations can execute projects, shield or promote specific causes and seek to manipulate policy. NGOs are not pendant to international law and include organizations kindred Amnesty international, the International bedroom of Commerce and International Red Cross.IGOs Intergovernmental organizations, comm entirely abbreviated as IGOs, hold back of sovereign states that are positioned to carry out projects and plans in common interest. NGOs act in conjunction with IGOs by complimenting IGO- initiated and funded programmes, as operational partners. IGOs include organiz ations like the European Union and the international financial institutions, World Bank. Most of IGOs work for and are financed by rich corporations and some state governments (Beigbeder, 1991). They are great aspect of public international law and are formed by treaty that acts as a bond creating the group.IGOs plays a major enjoyment by providing means of cooperation and multiple channels of communication between and among states in field of battles which cooperation and communication provides advantages for almost all nations. With the major roles of IGOs as regain making, data collection and agenda setting, they decrease uncertainty between states and explore cooperative solution for international problems. IGOs may manipulate norms of international relations and preferences of nation-states for instance, the United Nations Environment Program which played key role in the conception of regimes such(prenominal) as the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.A well known case is the International Atomic Energy Agency which certify that IGOs play a significant role in monitoring principles, norms and rules of international institutions and international regimes. Infrastructure has developed within states as IGOs are greatly concerned with technical issues like telecommunication, postal services, transportation and environmental management. scotch development has been witnessed with IMF and the World Bank being successful in property flowing, debt management and financing debt issues between rich and paltry states.States are able to obtain information about the international society and politics. Decisions made by IGOs are as a result of negotiations among the governmental agents assigned to them. Activities of IGOs such as the UN and the IMF are seen to be more influential for most fine countries as compared with countries with very big powers as they are not throttle too much by their principles. NGOs exists in galore(postnominal) kinds such as trans national, governmental aimd, governmental regulated and initiated, business and industry, transnational social movements and anti-governmental.For the late decade their effectiveness for transnational politics has become pertinent and their bend increased. NGOs mobilize universal networks by creating transnational organizations, gathering data on local conditions finished associates around the world, creating immediate response and drum up pressure from the outside states. NGOs work hand in hand with IGOs by participating in their conferences and engaging in social appointments, building communal coalitions, raising untried agendas and addressing IGOs meetings (Beigbeder, 1991).They also maintain inter-state collaborationism by preparing back papers, reports and refining delegates of states to narrow technical gap, intensifying policy options and bringing delegates together. They carry out activities within states such as linking to local partners and transnational movements, providing humanitarian aid protecting persons in danger. NGOs promote public participation within states by bringing sense to the government delegates that they are being watched.This is achieved through the endless effort in increasing transparency and honesty of international negotiations and public institutions and aggravating public protest. They do mobilization of international society to fight against oppression, afflict, group and personal rights. Effects of NGOs and NGOs on international relations of a state Non-state actors have caused great transformation in international relations as they have become the major determinants of foreign policies of nation states as they have remained active in playing their major roles in more than one state.They are involved in both municipal and international settings. Through their personal connection with their employees, they help nation states to sack problems such as climatological changes, shortage of food, poverty, and insuffi cient natural resources. In many an(prenominal) cases of political conflicts like the cold war which resulted to tribalism and other cultural cleavages, many non-state actors have been involved to solve them and shape national, regional and international policies and thence their role has been widely accepted by many political scientists.However, these scientists only differed on the level of relevance and effectiveness of non-state actors. Intergovernmental organizations and Non-governmental organizations are included in the part of world system and are source of effectiveness in international politics. In todays world, it has become quite elusive to evaluate international politics and pattern without attaching the great influence of non-state actors which are gaining position. Moreover, non-state actors have shown concern with the rural poor and have managed to maintain field presence in distant locations where it quite difficult to keep government staff in station.They have id entified the needs of the rural poor in terms of agricultural developments. They have also implemented new systems for testing new technology such as soya issue in Bangladesh (Ahmed & Potter, 2008). In other cases, non-state actors have assisted to organize landless labourers to get and operate water pumping technology and irrigation schemes. Concisely, they have free burning joint efforts in soil and water conservation whether is on hidden land or on micro-watershed areas.Conclusion In conclusion, increased transactions, awareness and common concern on regional and global problems control collaboration between states and non-state actors so as to maintain their welfare. These organizations will also require further cooperation and communication among themselves to strengthen their effectiveness as actors in the execution of sustainable achievement. Nation-states including the most powerful one, the United States, have to attach great significance to non-state actors in o rder to improve and achieve their main interests.

History of Management Thought †Elton Mayo Essay

This essay covers the life and key contri scarcelyions of Elton mayo, a famed figure in circumspection light, and how his theories have make a solid impact in circumspection today.BIOGRAPHY OF GEORGE ELTON MAYOGeorge Elton mayo was natural in Adelaide, Australia on 26th December 1880. Under heavy family influence, mayonnaise embarked on a course in medicine. However, he failed an examination which stop his chances of having a medical calling. He went on to subject area philosophy and psychological science at The University of Adelaide and graduated in 1911. Following his graduation, he lectured at The University of Queensland from 1911 to 1923. In 1912, mayonnaise married Dorothea McConnel, a daughter of a respectable Australian family. They had two daughters, Patricia and Gael (Witzel 2005).During World War I, mayonnaise treated shell-shocked soldiers, families and acquaintances by dint of which he gained invaluable insights. This became the foundation of his climax to the analysis of problems in modern industries (Smith 1974).In 1923, mayonnaise became a researcher at the University of Pennsylvanias Wharton enlighten of Commerce and Finance where he examined the physical and psychological factors which catchd lavishly employee perturbation at the Continental Mills (Merrill 1960).Mayo was also significantly mingled in the research relating to The Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company from 1924 to 1932. This study formed the basis of Mayos views on industrial settings as a tender system (Pugh & vitamin A Hickson 2007). Mayo died in Guildford, Surrey on 1st September 1949.MAYOS KEY WORKS AND THEORIESMayos bats and theories have made significant contributions to the evolution of management in organic laws.One of Mayos key theories was derived from the research undertaken at the Continental Mills. He concluded that the central problem underlying the high turnover rate of employees in the spinning department was due to discouraged reveries. According to Mayo, the term pessimistic reveries, is the state of point in which contradict thoughts and distractions dominate the minds of individuals, interfering with their trim performance (Mayo 1947). It is caused by exhaustion and humdrum in blend routines. This led to Mayos theory of implementing backup periods to ease employees fatigue which would dismiss these pessimistic reveries (Mayo 1924).Another key designate Mayo brought up from his studies at the Hawthorne plant was the significance of work groups in creating employees contentment (Smith 1974). According to Mayo, there is a tendency for groups to establish their proclaim culture and build on their own ideologies, thereby influencing the way individuals transmit at work (Tillett, Kempner & angstrom Wills 1970). An intimate purlieu created from these informal work groups provides a understanding of belonging inside individuals. This resulting recognition leads to higher productivity at heart organ izations (Roethlisberger 1949).Mayo also emphasized on the need to work towards effective human collaborationism to re-establish the diminishing brotherly function within industries. Based on Emile Durkheims theory of anomie, he sees the term as the cause of social disorganization in confederacy, raising a sense of inferiority and disenchantment within individuals (Wren & adenosine monophosphate Bedeian 2009). To resolve this predicament, Mayo introduced the concept of managerial elites, who were trained to manage not only the technical aspects, but also the social aspects of industrial organizations (Smith 1998).Mayos key publications include, The mankind Problems of an industrial Civilization (1933), The Social Problems of an Industrial Civilization (1945) and The Political Problems of an Industrial Civilization (1947). These books detailed the rationale for contemporary human relations figurehead and served as influential publications in the history of management theory (Wo od & Wood 2004).FACTORS WHICH INFLUENCED MAYO AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF HIS THEORIES The by- cable television service factors will provide insights on how Mayo was influenced in the creation of his key works and theories.Political FactorsDuring the beginning(a) World War (1914 1918), Mayo gained invaluable experiences which assisted him to develop a basis towards his views on the complications in industrial society. These experiences arose from his psychotherapeutic treatment on the shell shocked soldiers, resulting in his assertion that rest periods given to the soldiers would significantly improve their mental state of health and performance. Drawing on this conclusion, Mayo believed that the introduction of rest periods to industrial employees could lead to higher productivity (Mahoney & Baker 2002).Furthermore, his experience in WWI paved the way to his illustrious career as a practitioner with patients for thirty years (Mayo 1947). In 1919, the coat in conflicts and fall of civilization was apparent in Australia. Government interference was thought to be the cure to this predicament. However, Mayo disagreed with this belief and felt that political interference would only shape up aggravate class conflicts, and ultimately cause the fall of society. He claimed that the best way to restore the diminishing social code was through effective collaboration (Bendix & Fisher 1949). economic FactorThe economic depression in 1929 resulted in shortened working hours at the Hawthorne plant, as well as the termination of the relay conclave test room studies. Faced with a rapidly ever-changing society, Mayo placed greater strain on the need for effective collaboration and the recovery of social solidarity. This intensify in perspective received greater support from the public, thereby giving Mayo further recognition for his ideologies (Wren & Bedeian 2009).Social FactorThe Industrial Revolution brought about a change to the management of actor relatio ns in organizations. Managers placed greater emphasis on productivity of employees and failed to recognize their social needs. This caused a disruption to the social organization within industries (Kennedy 1998). Mayo did not oppose to this change, he evidently proposed the need for individuals to adapt accordingly. This could be accomplished through studying the industrial society first hand and attaining social skills so as to call down effective collaboration in organizations (Robinson 1946).Intellectual FactorsMayo was primarily influenced in his approach to psychology by the French psychologist, Pierre Marie Flix Janet. He was intrigued by Janets works on Hysteria and Obsession and this engross led him to practice psychotherapeutic treatment on soldiers returning from the stolon World War (Mayo 1947).Frederick Winslow Taylor, astray regarded as the father of management science, had a very different approach towards scientific management as compared to Mayo. He had workers going through a series of incessant tasks and actions. This monotonous and demanding approach left workers with very little control, and contributed to extremely high rates of worker turnover within organizations (Mahoney & Baker 2002). Mayo believed that the Taylorist Bossism method of management would not be as productive as compared to his therapeutic methods (Hoopes 2003). Fritz Roethlisberger was inform with Mayo at the Harvard University and was introduced to Mayos ideas and theories. He went on to frame a book based on Mayos beliefs and efforts entitled, management and the Worker. Roethlisberger was a popular speaker and managed to carry on Mayos legacy as a spokesperson to the human relations endeavour (Mahoney & Baker 2002).RELEVANCE OF MAYOS THEORIES TO MANAGERS TODAYMayos theories still remain relevant to managers today in antagonism of the ever changing nature of todays organizational environment. The following is a coverion of this relevance. Mayos theory of implementing rest periods, to payoff fatigue and exhaustion contributing to pessimistic reveries, is illustrated in the leading cyberspace search engine company, Google. The headquarters of Google, The Googleplex, provides many recreational facilities such as volleyball courts, pool tables and gymnasiums to help employees unwind. This interrupts any form of pessimistic reveries that could be experienced by their employees. With a more positive state of mind while working, the level of productivity within the company ultimately increases. The winner of Google has clearly shown that Mayos theory, based on the need to bear off pessimistic reveries, is still relevant in todays society (Google 2010).In addition, the relevance of Mayos key theory on the importance of work groups can be showcased in the global infrastructure, finance and media company, General Electric (GE). GE developed the Work-Out process which involves bringing staff together to identify areas in need of improvem ents. Within small groups, employees and managers discuss the issues and develop recommendations. This process helps create a vibrant working environment and has a positive influence on the way GE employees deliberate and behave (Beam 2002). Based on the 1995 GE Annual Report, the annual dividends significantly increased to $1.4billion due to the incorporation of the Work-Out process (General Electric 1996). This example further highlights the relevance of Mayos theory in modern management.Finally, Mayo also believed that effective collaboration was an essential tool for building a functioning social system in a rapidly changing industry. cisco Systems, an industry leader in networking solutions and information technology, is one such company that sees effective collaboration as a high priority business tool for attaining success. This is supported by a study, sponsored by cisco Systems, highlighting the successful strategies to effective collaboration (Astle 2009). This view is in line with Mayos theory that a socially handicapped organization would bring about negative attitudes amongst workers and hence, restrict the maximum productivity that could be attained otherwise. The call for effective collaboration is apparent in Cisco Systems, thus, showing how Mayos theory is still widely technical in contemporary management.CONCLUSIONMayos theories and views have made a significant impact in the study of management history. In an ever changing organizational setting, which inevitably disrupts the social code within industries, Mayo stressed the need to restore effective collaboration amongst the employees through managerial elites. He also emphasized on the importance of work groups within organizations. Mayos influence on management science was a vital part of his legacy and his theories are still widely practiced today as they were in the beginning.

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Acco 310 Midterm

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY buttocks MOLSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DE articulationMENT OF ACCOUNTING ACCO 310/4 Winter 2011 mid(prenominal) TERM EXAMINATION All sections February 11, 2011 600 to 900 P. M. Marks minutes Question 1 24 43 Question 2 25 45 Question 3 35 63 Question 4 16 29 100 180 Materials Allowed Silent, cordless calculators ( monetary calculators argon permitted) explanation dictionaries hesitancy 1- 24 MARKS- 43 MINUTESPlease answer exclusively parts of this promontory in your answer booklet PART A- MULITPLE CHOICE Select the high hat Answer 1. Which of the next criteria essential be met before an event or gunpoint should be put down for news reporting purposes? a. The event or item can be measured objectively in financial terms. b. They are probable. c. The event or item is an element. d. All of these must be met. 2. Which of the chase is a proveable event or item? a. Changes in managerial polity b. The value of human resources c. Changes in indivi dualnel d. None of these 3. Which of the following never affects the ongoing years income statement? a. Correction of an amortization wrongful conduct made two years ago. b. Using raw materials in the ware process c.Divid eat up declaration and subsequent payment d. None of these affect the current years income statement. 4. An accrued expense can best be described as an heart and soul a. nonrecreational and currently matched with earnings. b. paid and non currently matched with earnings. c. not paid and not currently matched with earnings. d. not paid and currently matched with earnings. 5. If, during an be full point, an expense item has been incurred and consumed but not up to now paid for or recorded, then the end-of-period adjusting entry would involve a. a obligation account and an asset account. b. an asset or contra-asset and an expense account. c. a financial obligation account and an expense account. d. receivable account and a revenue account. 6. In posting fro m the general diary, an expense item was debited to a liability account in error. Which of the following is true? a. The net income for the period ordain be understated by the amount of the expense. b. The net assets at the end of the period will be unaffected. c. The trial balance will be push through of balance. d. None of these. 7. Which of the following statements is not an objective of financial reporting? a. hand over schooling that is useful to users in making resource onlyocation decisions. b. go out information about an entitys economical resources, obligations, and equity/net assets. c.Provide information on the liquidation value of an effort. d. Provide information about changes in an entitys economic resources, obligations, and equity/net assets. 8. In establishing financial chronicle standards, due process refers to a. the process of giving interested parties ample opportunity to express their views. b. the practice of researching, creating a task force, issu ing an exposure drawing and establishing the new GAAP. c. the researching of the legal implications of proposed new accounting standards. d. the leadment that all accountants must receive a copy of financial standards. 9.. The purpose of the International story Standards Board (IASB) is to a. evelop a single set of high quality, understandable and internationalist financial reporting standards for general purpose financial statements b. develop a uniform currency in which the financial transactions of companies throughout the universe of discourse would be measured. c. increase the transparency of financial reporting by achieving a single, global method of accounting.d. arbitrate accounting disputes between auditors and international companies. 10. chiefly accepted accounting principles include a. specific rules, practices and procedures. b. broad principles and conventions of general applications programmes c. underlie concepts (the conceptual framework) d. all of these. 11. Professional public opinion plays an important role in Canada because a. he business environment is complex and there cannot be a rule for every situation. b. Canadian accounting standards are based originally on general principles rather than specific rules. c. professional accountants have the get wind and education that enables them to apply GAAP principles. d. all of these. 12. The exercise of professional judgement does not involve which of the following a. the use of knowledge gained through education. b. the application of knowledge gained through experience. c. the use of ethical decision making. d. none of these. PART B ( 3 MARKS) Explain why providing information to users is a ambitious task. PART C ( 9 MARKS)Presented below are three independent, unrelated statements regarding the formulation of generally accepted accounting principles. Each statement contains about incorrect or debatable statement(s). Statement I The users of financial accounting statements have co inciding and conflicting needs for statements of various types. To meet these needs, and to replete the financial reporting responsibility of guidance, accountants prepare unlike sets of financial statements for different users. Statement II The AcSB should be responsive to the needs and viewpoints of the entire economic community, not just the public accounting profession. The AcSB, therefore, will succeed because it will deal effectively with all interested groups. Statement IIIStarting on January 1, 2011 all companies in Canada must use IFRS. This is because Canada has extensive economic relations with the fall in States and all US companies are required to use IFRS. Instructions admit YOUR ANSWERS IN POINT FORM DO NOT WRITE AN seek Evaluate separately of the independent statements and identify the areas of fallacious reasoning in each and rationalise why the reasoning is incorrect. Complete your discussion of each statement before proceeding to the next statement. QUESTI ON 2- 25 MARKS- 45 MINUTES For each of the following items, indicate A. The appropriate balance plane categorizeification of the item B. the usual valuation of the item C.The additional manifestation required for the item, if any All of your responses should be in accordance with IFRS. 1. harsh shares 8. Long-term bonds payable 2. Prepaid expenses 9. Land (in use) 3. Natural resources10. Land (future place site) 4. Property, plant, and equipment11. Patents 5. Trade accounts receivable12. Trading securities 6. Copyrights13. Trade accounts payable 7. Merchandise inventory QUESTION 3- 35 MARKS- 63 MINUTES The following schedule was prepared by your colleague to summarize the corrections required to adjust the accounts of WNR Inc. and to form the al-Qaida of the revised financial statements that will be prepared for the years conclusion declination 31, 2009 and 2010. Adjustments required 3 depreciation expense- never previously recorded (3,200) (4,000) 4 Remo val of unrealized gain on available for cut-rate sale investments (40,000) 5 Adjust for contingent lawsuit (80,000) Total adjustments 111,800 (74,000) Tax (expense) or saving (44,720) 29,600 Revised Net Income 292,080 145,600 Additional Information The companys tax rate is 40%. The company has only one class of common shares issued and outstanding, Class A common shares. As at the end of 2009, there were 1,000 shares outstanding for a total value of $10,000. As at the end of 2010, the company had 2,500 common shares issued and outstanding for a total amount of $55,000. The company was incorporated on Nov. , 2008 and began operations on January 1, 2009. On declination 15, 2010, the company declared a dividend of $5 per share to all its shareholders of record on that date. The dividend was payable on January 15th, 2011. It is now February 11, 2011 and your colleague, a big master in this weeks 649 lottery draw, has suddenly quit his job, and l eft(a) the country indefinitely. Your boss has asked that you review the document left and prepare the following 1. For each adjustment shown on the schedule, an explanation of what the likely error was, to require the adjustment shown on the schedule. It is believed that all of the adjustments shown on the schedule are correct.Ensure that you explain fully the extent and effect of the error on all pertinent accounts (balance sheet and income statement accounts). (10 marks) 2. For each of the adjustments shown on the schedule, prepare the required adjusting journal entry assuming that the books for 2010 are still open. INCLUDE INCOME TAXES (15 marks) 3. Using all of the information from above, prepare a Statement of Changes in Shareholders Equity, for the period January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010 in proper format, including all of the disclosures required as per IFRS and Part 1 of the CICA Handbook. ( 10 marks) QUESTION 4-16 MARKS- 29 MINUTES You have just set down an interview with an exciting new start-up company in the biotech industry.As the company management is comprised solely of cientists, they have hired a local CA starchy to interview the applicants for the accounting position that you are interviewing for. The company is anxious that the person they hire be technically proficient in all aspects of financial statement presentation as the rest of the management team is not well versed in the area of accounting and finance. During the interview, the CA asks you to sate a short written test to explain fully, the disclosure required, for an enterprise that follows Part 2 of the CICA Accounting Handbook ( Private Enterprise Gaap) with take note to the following areas 1. Discontinued operations ( 8 marks) 2. Statement of Cash Flows ( 8 marks) You may use point form in your response to these issues.

From the Immigrants

The Emigrants by Edwarf atomic number 18d Kamau Brathwaite The verse from The Emigrants by Edward Kamau Brathwaite is the thoughts of an natural inhabitant, the persona, thinking of the usurpation that has been so abruptly brought upon them which they must(prenominal) now face. We know that the persona is angio disco biscuitsin-converting enzyme of the inhabitants because in line quaternary and twelve, the repetition of my personalizes what is happening, coming from an inhabitants perspective. The themes perception versus reality, power, exposey and war throughout the poem explain and break down the content of the poem.capital of Ohio, an explorer is searching for new lays for Queen Elizabeth, these tie in with the themes of discovery and power. He is discovers a new let down that is inhabited by a melt that he had never come across before. Lines eleven and twelve appease to tie in with the theme power, deck watched heights he hoped for, rocks he dreamed, rise solid from my simple water. Columbus believes that by discovering this new land he will not however obtain power and annulus and riches from the Queen but similarly much more that he back end obtain from this land.War and danger argon also major themes in this poem. As he watched the shore, the slaughter that his soldiers this shows us that Columbus invasion brought goal and suffering to the inhabitants as they well-tried to protect themselves. Furthermore while referring to how the island tried to control itself, the poet talks of the result of Mother Nature towards the invasion. Parrots screamed, evinces not only the disruption of nature but also how the parrots may have reacted to defend their habitat.In addition, birds harshly hawking, without fear and Crabs snapped their claws both continue to show the response of the natural habitat towards the invasion and how they will defend their land, showing Columbus that he is not welcome. For this reason, Columbus men retaliate and fig ht the indigenous peoples defense resulting in all out war. These themes behind flow into a major theme, perception versus reality. In stanza twenty one the last four lines of this stanza are significant, What did this journey think up, this ew world mean dis- covery? Or a exceed to terrors he had sailed from. Known before? These lines are significant because, Columbus has just left Spain after Spain is experiencing political controversies and he perceives that by discovering new land he will escape from this and hopefully put a stop to these fights within Spains empire.However, when Columbus discovers this land that is already inhabited and that he must now fight for it, the admittedly reality is that he has left one fight, in Spain, to enter another, in this new world. In the poem from The Emigrants its process gives us an idea of what actions are going to take place or are already victorious place. The form of the poem is fire verse, in addition, there is bantam punctua tion and the lines of the poem are low up. The poets decision to use little punctuation gives an idea that the persona, an indigenous inhabitant of the island, is having continuous thoughts of ideas and actions of this abrupt invasion of Columbus and his people.This also ties in with the poems main form, free verse, the poems content, the personas thoughts are fluently and freely being stated mentally. Figuratively speaking, in a way, as separately thought or idea comes to the personas mind, the poet quickly takes wrinkle of it. In addition, the poem is breaking into many stanzas also ties in with the higher up statements. An example of this can be seen in lines xxx four and thirty five where the word discovery is broken after its offset printing syllable and carried on to the next line, new world mean dis- covery?Or a return to terrors. Even though throughout the poem the stanzas are broken aside mid sentence, these lines are not only significant because they are broken apart by a word but also because it helps emphasize and symbolize the disruption and destruction that has been brought upon the island. Throughout the poem the poet uses many figurative. such(prenominal) devices are onomatopoeia, alliteration, repetition, oxymoron and irony. An example of repetition can be seen in lines ten and twenty five Columbus from his after-, it is repetition because both lines are on the nose the same.In addition, some examples of onomatopoeia and alliteration can be seen in lines seven tizzy flag, eight harshly hawking and thirty eight plash silence. These are examples of onomatopoeia because flapping, hawking and splosh are all sounds while the phrases are also examples of alliteration because respectively, there is the repetition of the f, h and s consonants. However, splashing silence is not only an example of onomatopoeia and alliteration but it is also an example of oxymoron. An oxymoron is where contradictory terms are joined together to form a phrase or statement. Splashing silence is an oxymoron because it is contradicting itself, where splashing makes a sound and whereas when there is silence there are no sonic sounds. As stated in the previous paragraph where there is a case of the word discovery breaking apart after its first syllable, it is also a form of irony. It is ironic because you cant discover something that has already been discovered and is now being inhabited by a different race. It can also be interpreted cynically, where the writer can be seen as cynical towards Columbus and his actions.

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Assigment Manufacturing Process

FACULTI OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG BMM3643 (Sem II 2012/13) Assignment 4 1. a) What distinguishes machining from other manufacturing processes? b) What is a machining center? c) How important is the control of interruptting-fluid temperature in trading operations performed in machining centers? Explain. (8 marks) 2. a) What are the primary considerations in tool selection? b) What is the service of a helical-tooth cutter over a straighttooth cutter for slab mill? c) What are the consequences if a cutting tool chips? (8 marks) 3. ) Why might it be coveted to use a heavy depth of cut and a lightheaded feed at a given fixture in number? b) Explain the reasoning behind the various design guidelines for turning. c) In drilling, the deeper the hole, the great the torque. Why? (8 marks) 4. a) For producing flat surfaces in mass production machining,how does face mill differ basically from peripheral milling? b) Why is end milling such an important versatil e process? c) Why is grain put important in grinding cycle per seconds? Explain the relationship between gumption size and surface finish. (8 marks) 5. ) Why has the wire-EDM process become so wide used in industry, especially in tool and die manufacturing? Explain. e) What is meant by the term overcut in electric discharge machining? f) What is the nature of the surface obtained by electro discharge machining? (8 marks) 6. g) Estimate the time required for face milling an 20. 32 cm-long, 7. 62 cm-wide brass block using a 2032 cm-diameter cutter with 12 HSS teeth. (Given Using the high-speed-steel tool, lets take a recommended cutting speed for brass (a copper alloy) at 90 m/min = 1. 5 m/sand the maximum feed per tooth as 0. mm) h) In a surface grinding operation performed on hardened plain carbon paper steel, the grinding wheel has a diameter = 200 mm and breadth = 25 mm. The wheel rotates at 2400 rev/min, with a depth of cut (infeed) = 0. 05 mm/pass and a crossfeed = 3. 50 mm. The reciprocating speed of the work is 6 m/min, and the operation is performed dry. Determine i) the length of contact between the wheel and the work, ii) the volume rate of metal removed. iii) If there are 64 agile grits/cm2 of wheel surface, estimate the number of chips formed per unit time. (10 marks)

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College Application Autobiography Essay

I mean, I came from this mans dangly bits for Christs sake As I look back now I realize that I probably even gave my dead/dying beat a flatter and told him good-by in his last moments. And when I understand I told him goodbye I siret mean goodbye as in I love you protoactinium, rest in mollification, but goodbye as in, be right back Dad Man Im hungry as I ventured finish in search of the hospital cafeteria in order to get well-nigh food suitable enough to be c all in alled eat.Honestly I couldnt even tell you how the loosen on the elevator with my younger child and aunt went. I dont even remember. Its almost as though if something monumental happens to you, you only remember the real juicy, of the essence(p) details but pray to God no one asks you about what color your shoes were or what you ate for breakfast because you wouldnt be able to remember. Trust me. But if you forced me, I mean really forced me to remember all that I could about the elevator ride Id tell you that I knew something was off. It was my aunt. Something about her smiling beneficial wasnt right. Even as a little kid I was sharp and I could tell something was off about the way her grin looked. But I had just chalked it up to pity clouding her smile just like it clouded everyone elses.But you dont eternally remember the so called little stuff. Take me for example. I kiss my father goodbye, leave his room with my sister and aunt in tow, go under the illusive cafeteria and sit down and eat something. Eat something. I dont know why my lack of remembrance as to what it specifically was that I ate that twenty-four hours bothers me so much but I feel like I should remember everything. And I dont know why but I really want to study it was testis that I ate that day in the cafeteria or something in a little package. The longer I sit here and effort to remember the more the image of the food on my plate that day switches. Now I look it was fruits.Yes, fruits. It definitely migh t have been fruits. I think if I remembered what I ate that day it would give me something to hate. Something that I could to direct all of my limitless fury to because I brush asidet blame myself for leaving my father that day to go to the cafeteria. Im too conceited to place all of my blame upon myself and I cant even place the blame on my mother for congress my aunt to take my sister and I down to the cafeteria because I was all for the idea of stuffing my face at the time. Maybe if it was eggs that I ate that day I would have sworn off eggs for the rest of my life because in my fathers last moments I left him for eggs. Doesnt that just sound awful?But I guess whatever it was that I ate doesnt really liaison because when we returned to the room my mother was sitting on the same window ledge where we had left her but she immediately told us to tell Dad goodbye. I think I would actually rather be hit with a ten ton elephant than have to go through that again. I think Id rat her take that absurd hit because acquire walloped by an obese elephant is what it felt like had happened to me anyway. It was one of those moments that dont actually happen to you in real life but you order about in books. That moment where your breath leaves you in one boastfully gush and everything else about you fades because your brain has just short circuited and youre hold for it to right itself so that you can use it to properly grasp what is occurring around you. I remember that I had another what I ate for breakfast moment here because when your brain is refusing to work like God think it to its quite difficult to remember things. Trust me.

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Education †high school Essay

High school, as well as college, is just a nonher part in everyones lives. Almost everyone goes through such a transition amidst twain very assorted and different worlds. These diverse worlds chiffonier be comp bed and contrasted however, not every last(predicate) are aware of the possible similarities and differences between them. The purpose of this testify is to compare and contrast the learners in high school and students college in harm of the level of the academics, time schedule, as well as the refining exercise by each student.First of only, high school is the first abuse to a high level of learning. High school equips us with the victorian knowledge needed in order to survive college and other higher levels of learning. Also, there are many another(prenominal) subjects in high school such as math, science, English, art, piano classes and many other subjects. The students are to a greater extent relaxed and they pass on learn more carefully. Compared to the time schedule of college students, high school students schedules are much(prenominal) more fixed because the standard call time is at 730 a. m. and end at 300p. m.Students are much more immature and they need guidance in order to engage themselves to better lives. They study inside a single classroom all day, thus having little freedom on the other hand, the students in the college consent different single rooms for each subject. College, on the other hand, is a different story. The subjects a student will learn and discuss are much more item since students finally chose the best major and a career path students will take in the future. College students are more experience and their workload is much more complex and heavy.They learn more responsibilities to carry out in college. The curriculum is much more specific and complicated because detailed topics are being discussed regarding your chosen career path. College students time schedules are very flexible because the studen ts can lease their own desired time schedule. These students are much more shell and independent compared to high school students. The culture of college students is much more diverse because there is a huge number of students inside a college many student come from all over the world.College introduce students to each others culture and nationality. People can really see the distinctive difference between these two phases in life however, there are also most similarities students will experience during their transition into college live. Friends from your high school will normally be there for you especially when you keep a constant connection between them. Studying habits such as cramming for a test or homework, breaking the rules and disciplinary sanctions are still evident in twain high school and college to help each others.To sum up, we all know that almost all students goes through high school and college. We can compare that college is much more challenging and complex t han high school. This is a higher level of learning, thus, requiring more time, effort as well as devotion to studies. Even though college is very tiring at time, I still believe that college is a much more enjoyable and exciting. To have that kind of freedom in your schedule is very rewarding however, befitting judgment is a must since we are all mature students now.

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Homosexuality from the Psychological and Christian Perspectives Essay

The rightness or wrongness of oddity has long been a subject for debate in both moral and social circles. whatsoever puzzle verbalise that a soulfulnesss gender is their give choice and therefore should be respected. Some contend that queerness is brought on by factors both biologic and environmental and should therefore be understood. staunch Christian believers on the other hand point out that when divinity created humans, He created only man and woman. Anything that goes against that is simply wrong and immoral.In the nineteenth century, homo innerity was defined as one somebodys want and interest for a nonher person of the homogeneous sex (Homosexuality, 2004). Today, while the rendering is still applicable, queerness has also come to be viewed as abstracted to be of the other gender different from ones testify biology. I lowlifet help who I am. Is a persons homosexuality brought about as a matter of choice, by birth, or is it something in a persons environment? at that place save been theories advanced in the field of psychology that state mickle are influenced by factors both external and internal.The late nineteenth and betimes 20th centuries saw the foremost scientific studies into the air of homosexuality (Vern & axerophthol Vern, 1993). The first was Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895). He was one of the first acknowledged researchers into homosexuality as well as one of the first people to publicly agree he was gay. In those days, he c all(prenominal)ed what we know now as homosexuality urning and stated that urnings should be considered simply as the third sex. Richard von Krafft-Ebbing (1840-1902) was one of the first to issue views on homosexuality as a perversion.Then again, all sexual acts undertaken without the purpose of reproduction, to him, were unnatural and perversions of the sexual instinct. (Vern & Vern, 1993) Several studies and then(prenominal) showed that homosexuality, particularly among males, was a comm on if non natural occurrence. In the journal Yearbook for the Sexual Intermediates, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, a leading proponent of the thought that homosexuality was in natural and therefore natural, states In the embryonic state, people are bisexual, yet in the course of their natural development, most lose their desire for members of the same sex.These people are the heterosexuals, who recognise members of the opposite sex. Another category consists of those individuals whose sexual organs develop normally but in whom the desire for same-sex individuals in the feeling center fails to recede. The results are men who love men and women who love women. (Sappho and Socrates, 1896) (Russell, 1995) The field of psychoanalysis also presented their views on the origin of homosexuality. In the early(a) days, homosexuality, as well as other deviant societal appearances were viewed as illnesses that were treatable by psychoanalysis.One explanation advanced was that of Freuds Oedipus Com plex among males and extremity envy among the female homosexuals. Freud says that males with Oedipus complex, preferred their mother and hated their father. Perhaps this can be translated to males hating their maleness because they associate it with their fathers. Women on the other hand, realize a repressed desire for a penis in their psychosexual priapic and oral stages said Freud. (Webster, 2005, p. 324) Feminist critics of Freudian theory however said that Freuds thinking were too misogynist and distinctly anti-feminine.One arctic development in psychiatric understanding of homosexuality was a reckon conducted by Irving Bieber (Dain et al. , 1962, p. 182). In a sample of 106 homosexual patients treated by either him or other psychiatrists, he found that feminine and cross-gender behavior patterns commonly manifested themselves even before the age of puberty. It is from this study that it was determined that homosexuality posture in even before males were influenced by any ho rmonal surges and sexual awareness caused by puberty.These results however, have been interpreted and over-simplified by some quarters to mean that homosexuality must then be attributed to a male individuals relationship with a strong, dominant mother and a weak or absent father. It was then proposed that homosexuality was not an illness, but rather a developmental problem brought about by conditions of family relations particularly the relationship between father and son. Homosexuality was then treated as the product of a fathers trouble to bond and impress the male gender identity on his son. bewilder needs to mirror and affirm the sons maleness. As Payne explains, The masculinity within is called forth and blessed by the masculinity without ( 1985 13 ). This bonny and mysterious match is the union of an inner need and an outer reality. The boy seeks to take in what is exciting, fun, and energizing about his father. There is a freedom and power to outgrowing motherand this po wer is personified by the father. If father is warm and receptive, the boy will be set aheadd to dis-identify from the feminine and enter into the masculine sphere.He will then become masculine-identified and most probably heterosexual. If both parents encourage the boy this focussing, he will be well on his way to fulfilling his male gender identification and heterosexuality. (Baird & Baird, 1995, p. 52) The year 1973 saw a change in the way homosexuality was viewed (Vern & Vern, 1993). Due to a vote held within the American Psychological Association (APA), homosexuality ceased to be an illness and was subsequently dropped from the APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. The debate on the origin of homosexuality is basically of a nature vs. urture perspective.Some have posited the inclination that being gay is not a choice, one is just born gay. Others have contended that homosexuality comes from failed or uneven relationships within the family. Which truly is which? Thinke rs called essentialists channel forth the belief that mans make up is biological and genetic. Sexual orientation is just one of the things that genes, hormones and brain make up decide. People are born gay and thus, cannot change or race from that. (LeVay, 1996). (Seutter & Rovers, 2004) At the opposite end of the argument are the constructionists. For them, zilch is born gay.Sexual orientation is decided and influenced by an individuals interaction and reinforced choices in the social context particularly in the family setting. (Seutter & Rovers, 2004) Family seems to play a key role in the endeavor of an individuals gender. Be it taken from a genetic part to setting the environment that conditions and orients an individual with society. Many psychologists agree that a persons relationship with people around ones ego will have influences of varying degrees on the individuals choices and preferences.In fact several theories have been advanced with their basis on such fa milial contributions. (Seutter & Rovers, 2004) Bowens Family-of-origin theory (1978) states that a persons self-image, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values are formed by experiences within ones family-of-origin. Differentiation or the need to preserve ones self in relationships as an individual as well as the take aim of intimacy reached is just one of the things that are developed in the family-of-origin. license and power were the basis for Williamsons concept of Personal Authority (1991) In his concept, Williamson believed that an individuals person and feeling of personal was formed by leaving the parental home in the psychological if not sensible sense. He further stated that only when an individual has individuated himself or set himself apart from the family and established his own identity can he reconnect voluntarily with his family. (Seutter & Rovers, 2004)Nowadays, gays and lesbians have become more empowered as argue to the years past when homosexuals live d in fear of being discovered and degage from society or prohibited from living normally as they chose. In a journal article by Anthony R. DAugelli (2003) for the American ledger of Community Psychology, he shares Homosexuality was not removed from the psychiatric spoken language in DSM until 1973, a year after I completed my doctoral training.During my clinical training, I wanted to discuss my feelings with someone, but the idea was rattling(a) and, I did not seek professional help because of fear that I would be removed from my program. (After all, who trains someone with a mental disorder to be a clinical psychologist? ) In addition, despite my sexual orientation, which was fairly cause to me at that point, I could not even bring myself to share this education even with the Army physicians during my physical examination after being drafted for function during the Vietnam era.This simple truth would have removed me from induction, but I could not say the words. (DAugelli, 2 003) What the Church has to Say The growing numbers of out gays and lesbians have not escaped the notice of the Christian churches. Traditionally, churches of different religions have been inimical toward gays and lesbians. To them, there are only two genders man and woman. There have even been some instances where there were accounts of physical and verbal humiliation and iniquity gay worshippers suffered within the church, at time in the hands of a priest of Father confessor.

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A Poet’s Mindset on War and Its Consequences Essay

In this essay the two poems beingness discussed atomic number 18 haggle roosting and charge of the send brigade, their outlook on war and conflict will be analysed with contrasts and similarities studied. lurch Roosting is a very(prenominal) abilityful poem the title suggests that the hawk is very comfortable in its position at the prime of the world and on that point is to a greater extent to the poem consequently original meets the eye. Ted Hughes writes the poem putting himself into the physical structure and mind of a hawk. The hawk is portrayed as an arrogant power hungry being and Hughes is very good at showing the way the hawks mind works in a number of different situations and in different places. The solutions throughout most of the poem revolve around power, ignorance and intemperateness much exchangeable many efficacious people of the world at present as this poem compares the mind-set of a hawk to a unexampled day dictator.The hawk itself represents p ower and ignorance at the same time because he come backs that he is the most important animal in the woods and he is ignorant to the fact that he fuelnot construct everything, in the poem Hughes shows this very well by using lots of emotive language and verbal verbal description about how the hawk thinks. The opening commercial enterprise, I sit in the extend of the wood, my eyes closed, is referring to the hierarchy of the wood. The hawk thinks of itself as the king of the woods, he is noncontroversial and fearless. Hughes goes on to say that the hawk wants or needs nothing, no falsifying dream, his dreams are not something that he wants he already has everything he wants his dreams are his reality. Hughes mentions the hawks hooked head and hooked feet next, Hughes is describing these because they are his weapons, his tools for killing, he is proud of them because they have helped him into the position at the top of the food chain and, as the hawk thinks, to the top of the world.The hawk is remembering his perfect kills and rehearsing for the next time he needs to eat, or just wants to kill. Hughes writes kills before eats suggesting that to the hawk, killing is more important than eating. Even if the hawk did not have to eat to exit he would kill, just for the fun and thrill, almost as if it was his duty, it was what he was do for. The hawks perspective then shifts to his domain, the convenience of the high trees, he sits at the top of the wood using the high trees as an advantage to him so that he can see everything that is going on beneath him, he is like a manager watching in all his employees from a distance. The last line in this stanza shows that the hawk thinks it is more important than the Earth itself, the hawk seems to think that the Earth is subservient to him.This entire poem represents a dictator or tyrant, they believe they are a the highest power or in simile to the poem, top of the food chain, they are untouchable for if anyone wa s out of line then there would be no problem taking care of it with the build up at the tyrants disposal much like the claws and beak of the hawk overmaster prey and relentlessly ripping it apart. The whole effect of the poem on the reader almost makes the reader feel somewhat insignificant, vulnerable and crimson threatened, as the hawk tells of how it, like a juggernaut, crushes all in his path with ease and without hesitation. During parts of the poem where the hawk boasts of its power the structure of the sentences furiousness its authority, yet in sentences where the hawk glides over the woodland and all in it the sentences flow into each other.Whereas charge of in the light brigade the theme of the poem is associated with pride in battle, selflessness, and true bravery. The soldiers in Charge of the fair Brigade have obviously fell victim to a tragic mistake from their lieutenant to ride into battle against thousands although they had only six carbon brave men The poem i s very regular in it structure, with some(prenominal) examples of repetition. The Charge of the Light Brigade is a narrative poem, with each of the stanzas increase the story of the attack. The rhythm of the opening lines creates a relentless beat which is proceed throughout the poem, reflecting the riding of the Light Brigade into battle on horseback. Tennysons heavy use of repetition in the poem is perhaps intend to communicate the relentlessness of the charge, and of the dangers faced by the Brigade. These dangers are presented as being unavoidable, with death inevitable hit to the right of them,Cannon to the left of them,Cannon in front of themInto the jaws of Death,Into the mouth of HellThe final two lines of the first three stanzas act as a refrain, depicting realization of the inevitableness of death regardless of the blind valor projected. Tennysons use of initial rhyme creates a more visceral effect, that is, it helps to create a realistic and powerful description. Ten nyson uses a rhetorical unbelief at the beginning of the final stanza When can their glory fade? After the five previous stanzas the answer to this question is clear their glory should not fade, as their sacrifice is symbolic of all those who sacrifice their lives for the country.The poem offers a balance of glorious language, which celebrates the Brigade, and graphic description of the danger they faced. In conclusion, these poets attitude to conflict is very different, Ted Hughes sees the power tush war and concentrates on the behavior of leaders and their control over their followers, til now Alfred Tennyson concentrates on the soldiers patriotism and heroism in battle this Is influenced in no small part I imagine because he was poet laureate of the Crown.

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Peak Oil

During my research on hint rock inunct and energy resourcefulnesss, mood change, and the capacity of the Earth to support human life, I found that thither was much information avail equal to(p) on the issues (i. e. , the relevant science, data, and facts were already available), al unmatchable that much of it was non synthesised to make a comprehensive and complete design (i. e. , complete with accurate data and comprehensive analyses). So, some of the people who whitethorn be aware of treetop oil (or climate change) may not fully understand the consequences. And, while some people may be concerned about peak oil, they may be unaware of the end of the climate change crisisAnd vice versa. For instance, more insurance policymakers and negotiators are arguing with microscopic progress over the wrong climate targets (i. e. , an average global temperature ontogeny of 2 o C above pre-Industrial Revolution levels by adjustment the atmospheric CO 2 concentration to 450 ppm), whi le assuming that anything resembling worry as usual energy consumption and economic growth is possible. Yet, the scientific evidence and projections make headwayly indicate that all of these targets and assumptions are very nonsensical and woefully inadequate.As another example, much of the peak oil literature does not offer the reader a comprehensive explanation of peak oil and its potential impacts on society. The information is very good, but much of it focuses on one or only several issues, which may leave many readers unfamiliar with peak energy issues with more questions than answers about the issue, its consequences, or how to adjust to it. Similarly, much climate literature does not consider energy scarceness or population limits in their analyses. It became obvious to me that writing this account was one of the most important acts I could do for the public, right now.All discourse and policy on these issues must be based on the current and sort data and science, if i t is to have a chance to succeed. This taradiddle is an attempt to synthesize and holistically analyze the current state of knowledge on these important and inter-related issues. patronage the inherent uncertainties stemming from the data, science, and predictive power of models, the overall analysis provides a clear picture of the dos of magnitude and probability distributions of current and future global changes.Ultimately, this report is for the public for the benefit of humanity. It is a sample and a call to action. Since peak oil and climate change are occurring now without much of the publics awareness, this report may also act as a sort of fib so that people in the future may be able to understand what happened to the world regarding peak energy, climate change and economic and social collapse, after the fact. Future generations should know what happened during this period of history in order to learn from the past mistakes of humanity.Hopefully, this report may contribu te to a drum sander and less disastrous post-peak oil transition period by warning people of the impending crises. When I set out to investigate peak oil and energy resources, it was with the intention to either refute peak oil theory and/or the predicted timings of when peak oil and energy resources would occur or to communicate what is peak oil and the potential crisis, if I could not disprove peak oil and its urgency. The deeper I investigated peak oil and energy resource issues, the more it became clear that peak oil was a very gruelling and imminent crisi

The Portman Hotel Case Study

The Portman Hotel Company was a relatively small hotel with only 348 room and 21 floors located in San Franciscos booming hotel district. It was influenced with Asian philosophy of services, to provide high quality hospitality to its guest at low-priced rates. On paper, the hotel sounded like a great success, one that would definitely display amongst the competition. However, even with this philosophy, there were numerous riddles that plagued the Portman Hotel. A a few(prenominal) frameworks of these problems argon the unwashed mis grow of fundamental attribution error (fuel-air explosive), expectancy theory, as tumefy as operant conditional theory.This essay give explain how these trio things can potentially bring down an entire come with very quickly. First we ordain look at FAE and how it relates to the Portman Hotel. To find an example of FAE located in The Portman Hotel case, we mustiness first define what FAE exactly is. Fundamental Attribution Error is the li stency to over-value dispositional or soulfulnessality-based explanations for the observe ports of others spell under-valuing situational explanations for those ports. It is typically most visible when people explain the behavior to others.Essentially, what FAE suggests, is that we, as human beings, tend to be too faultfinding(prenominal) of others without actually seeing that there might be external factors causing that individuals behavior. Now that we have delimit exactly what FAE is, we can convey to identify an example of this contained within the case. One great example of this common error in march involves the personal valets (PVs) of the company and Spencer Scott. Scott criticizes the PVs for always taking on additional tasks and pursuing new take and even states that they motive to do everything, which causes them to suffer short attention spans.He is so focused on the PVs being a group of freethinkers that he has failed to cogitate his companies purpose, whi ch is to cater to every desire the hotel guests might have. He has failed to realize that the guests be to blame for ordering the PVs around getting them to tend to their every need. In this peculiar(prenominal) case, the guests are the external environmental forces that are causing the behavior. If Scott had recognise that his employees were just doing their job, then his opinion of them would be a lot contrasting and would begin to realize that he might need to change something nearly the companies day-to-day processes.Next we will discuss the Expectancy Theory (ET) and how it relates to this case. Again, first we must define what exactly ET is before we can know how it relates to this case. ET proposes that a person will decide to behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be. Now that we have defined what ET is we can relate it to the case. o verdue to the social and environmental forces pushing down on certain PVs, they tend to engage in shirking.An example of this act is when a few PVs began to be lazy and not do their fair share of the work, other PVs had to begin picking up the slack of their colleagues. After a while of doing this, they began to wonder why they were working twice as hard and getting paid the exact resembling. The PVs that were picking up the slack for the others then became slight motivated to perform which lead to all of the valets lost their sense of responsibility. So to go back to the original definition, the PVs that were originally working harder than the others began to work little hard because they knew that they werent going to be fired.Lastly, we will look at the Operant Conditional Theory to see why supervisors would choose to overturn using the Portmans amendive procedures. Operant conditional theory is defined as, getting people to do things because they want to by applying positiv e and contradict reinforcements to move them in a particular way. The supervisors of the Portman Hotel were adamant about avoiding egg disciplinary actions towards their employees. The supervisors believed that discipline was actually going against what the hotels philosophy was.Therefore, preferably they used positive reinforcement under the operant conditioning theory as a means to motivate the poor performers. Spencer Scott tried to crook the poor performers to believe that goodly performance had many rewards, much(prenominal) as good tips. He felt that with showing the valets the benefits of working hard for the guests, that those same guests would in return graciously reward them. Now that we have analyze and pointed out the flaws of the Portman Hotel, we can begin to describe some simple dissolving agents to these problems.First, with the FAE, the problem is with management. If Spencer Scott attempted to figure out why his PVs were running around over he might figure o ut the source of the problem, instead of startle to conclusions as he did. He might explore other options such as hiring additional PVs so that the current ones arent always so busy, or attempt to figure out a different system in assisting the guests with their high demands. Secondly, we must analyze the problem with the PVs and their constant garment of shirking and how we could fix it. Shirking is a bad habit that happens in a lot of work places no matter what industry a person is in. The difficulty is finding a way to overcome these types of action and being effective at it. One way to overcome this predicament is to begin to figure out which few are the individuals initially beginning it and begin to discipline them accordingly. If discipline is not the answer, the managers could sit the entire PV supply down at once and explain that they are beginning to attain a downward trend in performance and that there will be a new set standard for what the expectations are.With th is new standard, if anyone fails to bump into the standards of work, then they will be disciplined and eventually let go if it continues. Finally, we have the obstacle of the supervisors choosing to avoid using the Portmans elaborate disciplinary procedures. Unfortunately, implementing a formal system of disciplinary actions would be violating the ideals that Portman wanted to establish. The solution for this would be for the management team to be stricter on their expectations of the employees.I feel that the good employees are not being praised enough for their actions while the bad employees continually get worse. It is a common behavioral understanding that people want to reach and operate at the normal level of standards and not do anything more or less. In order for them to strive to be give away employees, there must be a rewards system in place. act reviews should be put in place to analyze, which employees are the good employees and which are the bad employees.Once manag ement establishes this, they will begin to understand where the problems are and how to correct them/discipline them by giving them written warnings. All in all, there are numerous obstacles that each and every company has to overcome end-to-end the companys lifetime. Some are easily remedied while others take much more time and thought to correct. Using the theories FAE, ET, and Operant Conditioning, intimately any company can begin to understand where the real problems consist, which will allow that company to begin taking action and fixing them.

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Media influence on Campaigns

In the recent past, on that point expect been several debates about how media yields the behavior of the administration and how they affect the policy-making landscape in general. It has been said that loudness media if it is non phthisisd appropriately, it hobo distort the countrys national agenda. In contemporary politics, mass media plays a key role in informative and informing battalion about politics.They argon employ in some nations which are seek for liberal transition in their governments. They are loosely used to fix the habitual opinion on a peculiar(prenominal) issue. The media should remain indifferent(p) in policy-making matters but this is not what happens in almost countries. For casing in America, media are what keep the policy-making scope acquittance. Now the questions lift do media enamour American politics or influence governmental behaviors? This is what exactly this root word entrust focus on. It will try to olfactory modality for a nswers to these questions.Politics entrust on mass media for liberal demands, development and manipulation of public opinion. Media as it has been noted before, empowers citizens and is used to alter the government on specific areas that need to be changed. During the 2000 presidential cullence in regular army, it was fieldedly said that there were problems with the way the media covered and performed their duties. several(prenominal) media starved voters with germane(predicate) tuition they needed to operate informed choices (Wayne S. J., 2001)On seventh November 2000, some televisions and new(prenominal) types of media ground in Florida lied that Al instrument panel had managed to win the legal age of the votes in Florida which was a stronghold of republicans. It was unbelievable that control panel had won because this assign was governed by Bushs brother, Jeb. Media with all their ignorance went ahead to say that panel was ahead of bush but this was later thin at iniquity by CNN which showed that bush had already scooped 52% of the votes bandage Al dialog box had managed to fuck off 46% of all the votes cast (Maisel L. S., 2002)This was organize by panel and his camp to mobilize votes in the west. It was meant to deceive voters so that control board would roll more votes. He knew very well that this would declare a mass of significance to him. As media houses, you are not sibylline to show one as the winner un little the uncounted votes are less than the number of votes that would prepare the following expectation to win. This is one way that media use to distort the comprehension of mint. Though Gore was defeated, he refused to accept the results because he believed in what was denote before the recounting of votes.Most of the titanic media in the linked States of America are induceed by wealthy people who own too large businesses. This is wherefore they compromise the events insurance coverage. tv can have a ver y big impact on some candidates for vitrine when they outflow some candidates wider coverage than others. Also omissions, distortions and biasness in coverage are something that is popular in regular army media. In America it is very vexed to get an objective report on the issue that is affecting people.Radio stations as well as TVs can be used to enlighten people. For example in 2000 November 4th, mediocre a few days before the presidential polls, Radio 5s late night presenter convert Brain and Lehrer allow together with BBC held a program to straighten up the issues concerning polls with the benefactor of guests and different live calls that were made. Basically, Bush and Al Gore differed in matters concerning unlike policy, health provision and educations. The above mentioned presenters enlightened people on the characters of a good leader and then they asked people who they would prefer between Al gore and Bush.In 2000 (Wire B., 2006) Bush and Al Gore were chosen as the presidential candidates for republican and democratic parties various(prenominal)ly in pre-primary elections. To pay back sure they emerged winners of their respective parties, both of them visited media houses, bought advertising spaces in the daily text file and were featured in news more than anyone else. There were no doubts that this furtherance helped to sell their candidature. The media mental picture made them the only key players in the political arena. There were others who lacked profuse silver to buy airtime, and good exposure to reap themselves popular. These were candidates standardized washbowl McCain and Bill Bradley who withdrew themselves from the pelt along after they lost in the primary race on 7th march.Today troupe leaders have little influence on voters when compared with the latest communication technology like radios, internet-emails, satellites and televisions. They have established that it is easier to campaign over this latest technology than organizing party followers at local, state, and national levels. An exposure of one candidate by the media do influence who people will voted for in elections. Some media rely on money that they build on election campaigns. That is the money that politicians contain to media houses. So, it is very hard for them to avoid politics, they can do anything so enormous as they earn some money.In October 12, 2004 (Decierico R.E., 2002) newspaper vendors were using Mr. Jim Dickson, a lobbyist on the American standoff of People with Disabilities. He was supposed to travel nearly the country to recommend the benefits of electronic voting-torch screen voting over paper based voting. He concordd having authentic money from the vendors for that purpose.His organization received about 26,000 US dollars from the countries voting companies though at first he denied having received it. This was masterminded by the elections Centre in August 2004 in a conference that was sponsored by ven dors. Here the individuals were fed with propagandas by the vendors. Vendors then used him to influence the citizens on electronic based voting system quite of paper based voting system.Again media commentaries can woo voters into taking a particular political direction this is accord to (Wire B., 2006 ) For example Jesus Esquivel a columnist for the most international online media argued that John Kerry the then aspiring candidate should with new strategies that would play on halt all imperialistic and champion goals that were pursued by Bushs government. Many people seemed to agree on this though the opinion polls reflected otherwise.It was alleged that he lagged place because he was unable to articulate well how he differed with Bush. The question of who was to hellish was posed. Was it the voters, unworkable USA war policies in Iraq or the car bombings, beheadings that were going on in Iraq? Some leading newspapers described Kelly as a drift who was incompetent of selling his opinions outside USA, yet Bush according to them, Bush capable to sell because he had war policies. All these propagandas which were circle by media houses had thoughtful effects on Kerry.In 2004, the time magazine move to influence the presidential election in favor of Bush. It had written a story on the conversation it had between Karl Rovel scooter, lebby, barrel maker savourless and Novak R. It was something that could have touch Bush so much and therefore it was unploughed a secret. Cooper waited until elections were over so that he could talk to the jury and to the public at large. The results were released after Bush succeeded.During the 2004 elections, bush and Kerry received different backings from the corporations. It was revealed by bay window Watch Investigators such as live reports and current news unwrap that there were some details that co-operate media didnt make public. These are stories involving big industries like tobacco and finance, about the spo nsors, the profiles of the main donors, what and wherefore they gave. This means that the information that reached the public was biased and manipulated.In 2000 and 2004 election, internet campaign was noble-minded and was used in transforming democracy in Washington D.C. Internet had a lot of influence on voters. Blogs, meet ups and forums are some of run that internet offered to the campaigners.ReferenceWayne S. J., 2001 The road to the White House 2000 The Politics of Presidential Election. Bedford / St.Martins (Wads Worth)Maisel L. S., 2002 Parties and Elections in America. The Electoral Process, Rowman and Littlefield.Decierico R.E., 2002. political Parties, Campaigns and Elections Prentice Hall.Wire B., 2006. Lessons leaned from the 2004 Election.Wire B., 2006, April 20. Missed opportunity Gore, Incumbency and Television in ElectionMedia influence on CampaignsIn the recent past, there have been several debates about how media influences the behavior of the government an d how they affect the political landscape in general. It has been said that mass media if it is not used appropriately, it can distort the countrys national agenda. In contemporary politics, mass media plays a key role in enlightening and informing people about politics. They are used in many nations which are seeking for liberal transition in their governments.They are mostly used to influence the public opinion on a particular issue. The media should remain neutral in political matters but this is not what happens in most countries. For example in America, media are what keep the political arena going. Now the questions arise do media influence American politics or influence governmental behaviors? This is what exactly this paper will focus on. It will try to look for answers to these questions.Politics rely on mass media for liberal demands, information and manipulation of public opinion. Media as it has been noted before, empowers citizens and is used to pressurize the governmen t on specific areas that need to be changed. During the 2000 presidential election in USA, it was reportedly said that there were problems with the way the media covered and performed their duties. Some media starved voters with relevant information they needed to make informed choices (Wayne S. J., 2001)On 7th November 2000, some televisions and other types of media based in Florida lied that Al Gore had managed to win the majority of the votes in Florida which was a stronghold of republicans. It was unbelievable that Gore had won because this state was governed by Bushs brother, Jeb. Media with all their ignorance went ahead to say that Gore was ahead of bush but this was later clarified at night by CNN which showed that bush had already scooped 52% of the votes while Al Gore had managed to get 46% of all the votes cast (Maisel L. S., 2002)This was organized by Gore and his camp to mobilize votes in the west. It was meant to deceive voters so that Gore would amass more votes. He k new very well that this would have a lot of significance to him. As media houses, you are not supposed to show one as the winner unless the uncounted votes are less than the number of votes that would make the following candidate to win. This is one way that media use to distort the perception of people. Though Gore was defeated, he refused to accept the results because he believed in what was announced before the recounting of votes.Most of the big media in the United States of America are owned by wealthy people who own big businesses. This is why they compromise the events coverage. Television can have a very big impact on some candidates for example when they give some candidates wider coverage than others. Also omissions, distortions and biasness in coverage are something that is common in USA media. In America it is very hard to get an objective report on the issue that is affecting people.Radio stations as well as TVs can be used to enlighten people. For example in 2000 Novem ber 4th, just a few days before the presidential polls, Radio 5s late night presenter Hayes Brain and Lehrer Will together with BBC held a program to straighten up the issues concerning polls with the help of guests and different live calls that were made. Basically, Bush and Al Gore differed in matters concerning foreign policy, health provision and educations. The above mentioned presenters enlightened people on the characters of a good leader and then they asked people who they would prefer between Al gore and Bush.In 2000 (Wire B., 2006) Bush and Al Gore were chosen as the presidential candidates for republican and democratic parties respectively in pre-primary elections. To make sure they emerged winners of their respective parties, both of them visited media houses, bought advertising spaces in the daily papers and were featured in news more than anyone else. There were no doubts that this publicity helped to sell their candidature. The media exposure made them the only key pl ayers in the political arena. There were others who lacked enough money to buy airtime, and good exposure to make themselves popular. These were candidates like John McCain and Bill Bradley who withdrew themselves from the race after they lost in the primary race on 7th march.Today party leaders have little influence on voters when compared with the latest communication technology like radios, internet-emails, satellites and televisions. They have realized that it is easier to campaign over this latest technology than organizing party followers at local, state, and national levels. An exposure of one candidate by the media do influence who people will voted for in elections. Some media rely on money that they earn on election campaigns. That is the money that politicians pay to media houses. So, it is very hard for them to avoid politics, they can do anything so long as they earn some money.In October 12, 2004 (Decierico R.E., 2002) newspaper vendors were using Mr. Jim Dickson, a lo bbyist on the American Association of People with Disabilities. He was supposed to travel around the country to preach the benefits of electronic voting-torch screen voting over paper based voting. He agreed having received money from the vendors for that purpose. His organization received about 26,000 US dollars from the countries voting companies though at first he denied having received it. This was masterminded by the Elections Centre in August 2004 in a conference that was sponsored by vendors. Here the individuals were fed with propagandas by the vendors. Vendors then used him to influence the citizens on electronic based voting system instead of paper based voting system.Again media commentaries can woo voters into taking a particular political direction this is according to (Wire B., 2006 ) For example Jesus Esquivel a columnist for the most international online media argued that John Kerry the then aspiring candidate should with new strategies that would bring on halt all i mperialistic and belligerent goals that were pursued by Bushs government. Many people seemed to agree on this though the opinion polls reflected otherwise.It was alleged that he lagged behind because he was unable to articulate well how he differed with Bush. The question of who was to blame was posed. Was it the voters, unworkable USA war policies in Iraq or the car bombings, beheadings that were going on in Iraq? Some leading newspapers described Kelly as a drift who was incapable of selling his opinions outside USA, yet Bush according to them, Bush capable to sell because he had war policies. All these propagandas which were spread by media houses had profound effects on Kerry.In 2004, the time magazine tried to influence the presidential election in favor of Bush. It had written a story on the conversation it had between Karl Rovel scooter, lebby, Cooper Matt and Novak R. It was something that could have affected Bush so much and therefore it was kept a secret. Cooper waited unt il elections were over so that he could talk to the jury and to the public at large. The results were released after Bush succeeded.During the 2004 elections, bush and Kerry received different backings from the corporations. It was revealed by Corp Watch Investigators such as live reports and current news disclosed that there were some details that co-operate media didnt make public. These are stories involving big industries like tobacco and finance, about the sponsors, the profiles of the main donors, what and why they gave. This means that the information that reached the public was biased and manipulated.In 2000 and 2004 election, internet campaign was eminent and was used in transforming democracy in Washington D.C. Internet had a lot of influence on voters. Blogs, meet ups and forums are some of services that internet offered to the campaigners.ReferenceWayne S. J., 2001 The Road to the White House 2000 The Politics of Presidential Election. Bedford / St.Martins (Wads Worth)M aisel L. S., 2002 Parties and Elections in America. The Electoral Process, Rowman and Littlefield.Decierico R.E., 2002. Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections Prentice Hall.Wire B., 2006. Lessons leaned from the 2004 Election.Wire B., 2006, April 20. Missed opportunity Gore, Incumbency and Television in Election

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make or buy decision Essay

IntroductionThe debate to cloud or pee-pee has taken m some(prenominal) an(prenominal) dimensions, with wit economists, citizens, politicians, and melodic phrasees pulling the debate to suit their intentions. When the reality is dependent on the rational consumption process amid constraints, the politician is stimulate to safeguard the interests of their representatives. In the equivalent breath, the concerns of economists and academicians ar oerinforming on the implications of from each wizard treat and businesses go a moral responsibility to pillow afloat(predicate). The finale to misdirect or knead to any(prenominal) extent is obvious as no company would survive by devising alone what it uses in its trading operations and complete barter foring of the companys oerlaps whitethorn make the company lose identity. To some extent, this is true plainly on the flipside, the decision to buy or make chamberpot be a tough managerial dilemma. The buy or make decision is centered on issues that whitethorn be situational or strategic. Issues that enamor this decision are competitive advantage, flexibleness in the face of technological changes, and potential coordination inefficiencies. Small loadeds whitethorn non ease up choices when called upon to produce through a manufacturing plant whose laying bring down would pack a substantial capital. It is common knowledge that squares remain afloat by engaging continuously in decisions that interpret profitability and popsourcing has everywhere the years given belittled sozzleds competitive advantages in the manufacturing sector. Established firms sacrifice internalized and perfected their fruit schedules and regimes and efficiency of their carrefourion schedules gives them the competitive advantage.How to Make Choices do this choice as Fine and Whitney (2002. p.25) posit is based on the restrictions peculiar to every firm. The product itself determines how the firm goes round it to ma ke it happen it is an working class that relates to the skill set required to make the product, manufacturing issues, and designing issues. To make it happen, each firm relies on its uncommon characteristics that determine its competitiveness. The technology process and counselling commitment toward a product ought to be harmonized for the prosperity of the company. Because of this, a company must understand its eye competencies, the product development process, the engineering process and systems, its architecture, supply chain modalities and other relevant characteristics (Fine and Whitney 2002 p.1).Taking the guinea pig of an automobile industry, varying degrees of outsourcing is apparent. The two big dramatic players in US markets GM and Chrysler are the brainl ex adenylic acidles of this diversity. GM buys over 70% of its products whereas Chrysler buys only 30% (Fine and Whitney 2002, p.3). This disparity, to some extent, could be attri exactly adequate to strategic, but also referable to GMs contractual obligations to UAW and the fast-growing corporate changes (Fine and Whitney 1996, p.5).While cost may behavior ilk it is the underlying factor, but as Harvard research host posits if this decision to buy or to make is given a integrity dimension of cost it may be a bad idea as strategic business concerns for ex adenylic acidle supply chain and belongings up with guest demands could overshadow the gains in cost cutting if they are not favorable (HRG, 2005 3).To-buy decision, according to Chan et al. (2006, p.98) tail end prove costly overdue to the high turnover of experts in the field and costs related to instruction and retraining of these experts to remain relevant to the rapidly ever-changing IT sector. Cost-cutting alone would not be reflective of strategic decision as Leiblein et al. (2002)posit that companies that have some capital intensive doing phases may adopt buying natural selection on grounds that changes to the production needs may require encourage capital outlay and this would threaten the firms profitability (817). On this basis, firms are seen to have more flexible production capacities that customer reviews advise incorporate in phases and not necessarily continuing to sell the product as it was originally produced. The decision to buy also comes with the disincentive of ontogeny further the companys capabilities as it limits the scope of imagination and self-sustenance due to the contracted firm dependence. Some buy-options have in some slipway weakened competitive edge of firms, as its buying option could be a competitor and quality raft only be coterminous to what the product was intended to be (Leiblein et al. 2002, p.818). Advantages of buyingIt this backdrop, this study looks into the merits of buying at the expense of making. Flexibility tops the list, as cost cutting cannot be particularly detect by the buying company. Flexibility in term of production changes and technological a lterations to incorporate features that were previously not present outgrowths customer needs responsiveness. For manufacturing designs and products that require reengineering, buying makes more sense for firms that have small capital outlay. Some firms require adopting services different from what they currently pursue, which may demand the employment of specialized skills. Through buying, firms do not have to hire much(prenominal)(prenominal) services as the services can be offered from outside the firm. Firms can supplement their skill set without overstretching their social security department obligations and other employment limitations (Ordoobadi 2005, p.1).Production and manufacturing plants come with risks as regards safety of machines and chemicals that think of production plants. Through outsourcing manufactured goods, a company can ply the misadventure of such an occurrence. A key reason why many companies go into buying option is to reduce their factor inputs in f oothold of labor and capital, which in return reduces the potential of increased capital risks and the possibility for increased ability to use innovative and up-to-date developments without paying rangy amounts of outlay. Firms that opt to buy have the incentive of focusing on their strengths and sum of money business (Ordoobadi 2005. p.1). Disadvantages of Buying at the Expense of MakingWhen firms make their products, on that point is the application and use of quality control at heart the production process. Firms can change the production design halfway and can alter the comprehend flaws to fit their intended prototype. In the case of outsourcing, firms contract out their production process and have no control over the other firms production plant and hence cannot change the process central or change design. In case of a changing design, the contracting-out- firm is likely to pay more, which was the reason for opting to buy. When making product, firms can keep up with supp ly fluctuations without having to put up with contractual rigidity of outsourcing. In this regard, a firm whose demand suddenly surges is bound toexperience problems, as the making firm capacity may not handle its production. Such issues emanate and can threaten not only the profitability of the firm but its customer base satisfaction, which may affect long-term projects of the firm. When competitors outsource from the resembling firm, problems are bound to arise as regards supply capabilities and any dexterity hand may lead to reduced competitive edge that was seek initially.Notably, outsourcing can be a disincentive to the morale of employees as they may go through that they are used within their capabilities. For instance, a trained morphologic engineer contracted by the company outsourcing designs may make them feel underutilized. The process of continual contracting out may make such skills underutilized and underdeveloped. Some firms may never experience their optimal ca pacities when buying skills that can be developed locally (Ordoobadi, 2005. p.1). It is at this backdrop that the decision to buy or make can neither be straightforward nor structured, but must be critically evaluated, consultative, and well scrutinized so that the best can be achieved in a company. The Decision-Making ProcessThe pioneer of this debate pro fructifyd one of the oldest method actings of making this decision. The Transaction Method proposed by Coase in 1937. As it was observed in IBM stance on outsourcing IT products, IBM is motivated by the desire to increase revenues against the wave of the quest for flexibility, modularity and the needs of the customer (IBM 2005 p.2). totally these factors may or may not fit in the transaction method (Nikolakakos and Georgopoulos 2001, p.161). An look for to consider cost incurred by the company to buy that would otherwise have not been spent had the firm made its products requires an even greater rating and a time factor that ma y not be at the firms disposal. Consequently, the firm must consider its identity and totality properties and mission. A company whose mission is to become a market attractor in its line of specialization may consider having its production schedules within its business model as buying may expose its anomalous competitive and product advantage (Merl and Husa 2006 p.17). The Problem of MisalignmentBidwell (2009) took alignment concerns among contracting-out-firms and observed that firms require a balanced approach to multiple goals to achievealignment to its core business and the nature of this decision is multilevel and unsubstantiated in well-nigh firms. Consequently, contracting out can cause a lapse of any of this decisions and as a result problems of uncoordinated functions may arise to vitiated the firms independence (5). In purpose, Bidwell (2009) posits that structural components intrinsical to the firm and decision to outsource or not go hand in hand (12). Things to ru n across In Decision-MakingIf a firm chooses to contract out, three aspects come into the play whether there are possibilities of easy exit, or entry if consumer preferences change the chance that customer responsiveness can be enhanced as feedback is acquired from consumers and the chances that the family relationship is bound to lead to improve relations and not foiled and survival of the fittest rather than mutual and loyal working progress (Preker et al. 2000. p.779). Consequently, buying is considered a continuum that ought to have benefits and rarely sacrifices (Sena and Sena, 2010. p.41). Minh (2011.p.647) looks into the Analytic hierarchy Process AHP while theoretical account relations of buy or make for Japanese automobile that is predominate by buy options and identifies that this continuum requires that firms to focus on specialized core business areas and not aim to control production model. For example, Toyota buys or so two thirds of its products and its unique p rofitability and growth plan is unmatched.Taylor looks at the economists view of contracting out especially overseas as seen in evident in IBM. The deliverance looses the potential to employ its populace when business operations are travel to low-cost production areas, for example, India and China. This premise is countered by the fact that these businesses are morally obligated to ensure sustenance and their collapse would spell doom to the same economy. Furthermore, as this firms move abroad, notably IBM stance to move abroad, they are able to use the advantage attained to offer lower costs for consumers (IBM 2005. p.371).Mohamed et al. (2009 p.144) presents a similar outlook to that of Walker and Weber (1984. p.373) regarding choices. Although they differ on reasons for decisions, they pose that firms require understanding choices available tothem and swopoffs regarding decisions influence on long-term and unmindful term company objectives. Walker and Weber opine that decisio ns about minutes today are governed by the uncertainty associated with decision and uniqueness or specifity hence, high-specialized goods may break down be bought than made. Concerning manufacturing firms they have technologically constrained systems, with inherent limitations in equipment, space, process technology, and other resources such as labor and capital. All of these limitations make trade-offs in the decision-making process inevitable. The key difference between firms buying and those making is in their individual and unique capabilities. Some firms after trade off are forced to use the focus factory with objectives class-conscious on priority basis and dealt with in the same order (Dabhilkar 2011. p.60). IBM uses the focused system with priority being to enhance flexibility of their product designs. ground on the nature of technology products and consistency of its competitive priorities, its decisions are warranted. However, mediocre like Dell their persistent use of buy-option makes their products lack the put forward that brands like Apple command. The Consequences of DecisionsEven with modularity playing a pivotal role in IBMs decision to consistently buy Arya et al. (2013. p.24), have reservations over such decisions. They argue that the transaction costs lack the accuracy, and the decision to buy or make may be based on a assumed premise. The difficulty is when computing in-house production estimates with those of external buyers are offering ( IBM 2013 p.24). Consequently, McIvor and Humphreys (2000. p.306) devised a five-stage decision process. In manufacturing decisions, the first stage incorporates the identification of options and categories related to the firms performance. In this stage, IBM poses that setting a plant would enhance the appeal of their core business, yet at a cost higher than its intercommunicate growths. Step two involves a detailed analysis of the firms abilities. The limitation of keeping up with technology b oom becomes a business organisation that ought to be eliminated in their books. What follows is the comparison stage between available options, and in this case, IBM figures that only rigorous training is avoided, as its producers require that its IT department remain updated with current technology. It also figures that it saves on flexibility and customer responsiveness better by simple designalterations, and not plant overhaul, as would be the case had they decided to make. Just like Japanese companies that focus on their strengths, IBM does study suppliers to level that it strategically aligns itself with firms that complements its weaknesses. In short, footprint one is about defining company motive and objectives, step two evaluates options against the fulfillment of goals, step three analyzes the evaluated options on merit and strategic purpose with costs and suitableness concerns, and lastly selection (Bajec and Jakomin 2010 p.288).A follow-up of these procedures as posed by Klein (2005441) ensures that misalignment and mal-adaptation of methods are avoided at an earlier stage. This method of evolution assumes that firms are assured of their business environment, which is not usually the case as some firms brandish on the basis that their competitors are ineffective. IBM may be buying over two thirds of its product components to enhance its chances of profitability, but firms its age have big asset bases owing to their ability to have and maintain production plants distant it, which focuses on the rapidly changing designs to respond to a market, which compromises customer subjection eventually. Evidently, firms with production plants take time to develop and research a product well before production since they realize that the cost associated with mid production changes to the plants design unlike firms that buy and can rely on changing products midway to respond to customer reviews. ConclusionIn this regard, firms are compelled to make, and in doing so, they must ensure that they consider all the drivers of their markets and products. A blind look at technology change may overshadow the less imperative concern of long-term ambitions, the core business concerns, and capabilities, and participatory decision with stakeholders to ensure that decision achieves flexibility, modularity and gives the firm a competitive edge or strategic gain over an otherwise decision. The decision to buy or make rests on the management of each firm upon accusationful consideration of all the factors including costs, flexibility, technology, long-term ambitions, core business and competencies and relative advantage of the decision over the foregone.Reference ListArya, A., Mittendorf, B., & Yoon D.H., 2013. Revisiting the make-or-buy decision Conveying information by outsourcing to rivals. The Accounting Review, pp.1-37. Bajec, P., & Jakomin, I., 2010. A Make-or-buy Decision Process for Outsourcing PROMET-Traffic&Transportation, 22(4), pp.285-291. Bidwell, M., 2010. Problems decision making How the structure of make-or-buy decisions leads to transaction misalignment. Organization Science, 21(2), pp.362-379. Chan, PS., Pollard, D., & Park, S., 2011. IT Outsourcing Strategic implications. Review of course nurture Systems (RBIS), 10(1), pp.97-104. Dabhilkar, M., 2011. Trade-offs in make-buy decisions. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 17(3), pp.158-166. Fine, CH., & Whitney, D.E., 2002. Is the make-buy decision process a core competence? MIT Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development, pp.1-31. HRG. 2005. HRG taste Making Successful Sourcing Decisions. Online Available at http//www.hrgresearch.com/pdf/HRG%20Sourcing%20Paper%20Final.pdf. Accessed 26 Oct. 2013. IBM. 2005. Aligning relationships Optimizing the time value of strategic outsourcing. Online Available at http//www-935.ibm.com/services/us/so/pdf/aligning_relationships.pdf. Accessed 26 Oct. 2013. Leiblein, MJ., Reuer, JJ., & amp Dalsace, F., 2002. Do make or buy decisions matter? The influence of organizational governance on technological performance. Strategic management journal, 23(9), pp.817-833. McIvor, R.T., & Humphreys, P.K., 2000. A case-based reasoning approach to the make or buy decision. combine Manufacturing Systems, 11(5), pp. 295-310. Merl, A., & Husa, M., 2006. Make or Buy decision Outsourcing-A successful method to reduce costs in business processes of international companies? Munich GRIN Verlag. Minh, N.D., 2011. confirmable make-or-buy decision making model in the Japanese Automobile industry, S. Jain, R.R. Creasey, J. Himmelspach, K.P. White, and M. Fu, eds, 2011 pass Simulation Conference. pp. 647-658. Mohamed, Z.A., Abdullah, H.H., Othman, R., & Uli, J., 2009. Make or Buy Strategy and generator of Sourcing Materials and Their Relationship with Firm Performance International Review of Business enquiry Papers, 5(3), pp. 142-155. Nikolarakos, C & Georgopoulos, N 2001. So urcing Issues to be considered for the make-or-buy decisionsl. Operational Research, 1(2), pp. 161-179. Ordoobadi, S., 2005. Development ofa decision model for strategic outsourcing. Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 5(2), pp.7-24. Preker, AS, Harding, A., & Travis, P., 2000. Make or buy decisions in the production of health care goods and services new insights from institutional economics and organizational theory. Bulletin of the foundation Health Organization, 78(6), pp.779-790. Sena, M., & Sena, J., 2011. Make or Buy A comparative assessment of organizations that develop software internally versus those that purchase software. Journal of Information Systems Applied Research, 4(2), pp.38-52. Taylor, T., 2005. In defense of outsourcing. Cato journal, 25(5), pp.367-377. Walker, G & Weber, D 1998. A transaction cost approach to make-or-buy decisions Administrative science quarterly, pp.373-391.