Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ethnic Roots of the Caribbean Cuisine Information and Presentation - Free Essay Example

Ethnic roots of the Caribbean Cuisine The Caribbean island is that place where people visit at times when they want to shed their stress. The Caribbean meal is a mixture of cuisines from a number of countries in the world, namely China, Africa, India, and Spain, just to name a few. According to studies on this type of meal, it is believed that each country added their own ingredient in order to produce the Caribbean cuisine (Ortiz Cruz Russ, 47-49). It is true to say that the meal was derived from the wide range of cultural influences that were practiced in the Caribbean islands. It is the different touch from different people that have transformed the meal into an ultimate exotic tolerance. In order to clearly understand the history of the Caribbean island, one should be in a position to understand the people of this region. The island has a unique cultural identity that has been developed by the slaves from Africa, European colonialists and the long legacy of the citizens of the Indian tribes. The lifestyle of the people of Caribbean is influenced by the setting of its tropical climate (Goucher, 12). The architecture, attitudes customs and the music of this region have all in the way been influenced by the climatic conditions of the region. The culture of the Caribbean island is a mixture of colonial stay at the island and has been driven by major ethnic groups that had occupied the region such as Africans and the East Indians. The Jamaicans also claim a successful democracy in the Caribbean (Rosa, Chris De La). The fact that the Caribbean island is composed of a number of cultures from different people of different countries hence composed of different distinct regional differences. Each of the distinct group has different food (Rosa, Chris De La). The island is rich in the cultural practices of the Africans besides the fact that it was a colony of the British. The Caribbean Cuisine is a meal that is composed of a number of spices that are believed to have a number of health and medical benefits. Research has clearly indicated that there is a eugenol, essential oil from the allspice berry that has been used widely by dentists as an antiseptic for teeth. It is also believed that the meal is used to control indigestion but little or no scientific support. There are a number of holidays that are associated with Caribbean Cuisine meal especially the Christmas tradition where people in this region will spend the whole visiting each others homes to eat.

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