Friday, July 26, 2019

SONG love for sale by miles davis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SONG love for sale by miles davis - Essay Example hat take this form last nearly 4 minutes with a diminishing common tone and tri tone substitutions particularly between the fifth and seventh major and minor. Notably, this is described by A1-A2-B-A3. It is these changes between the majors and minors that lead to solo breaks in the song and such sections lust for nearly 30 seconds. This song is slightly different from other Jazz song despite being classified under the same song types. The difference lies mainly in the tonality where the Love for Sale takes â€Å"A† sections that are nearly 50/50 between the minor and major while â€Å"B† major primarily. Additionally, the song takes a slight different in its movement where it seems to employ skips and steps in both direction and these apply on a wide range on a fifth and an octave; however, the same does not take large leaps. Finally, it is worth noting that the song has three choruses that harmonizes and blends to the entire song. Notably, at (Davis) 04:20 and 06:40 minutes, Davis applies swings and vocals comping techniques with progressive chording. This makes this song from other bebop groups that only have one chorus throughout the

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