Thursday, July 25, 2019

Final Project- Google Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Final Project- Google - Research Paper Example This company is also unique in its marketing strategies compared to others and the management formulae as well. However, just like every other company, it does not go without facing major challenges from both within and without which require to be fixed so that the company can progress. The company has a unique management structure in each area. They have expanded in different parts of the world and therefore cannot afford to risk making loses due to wrong IT management structure. As a result, each region has its own head manager, team of directors and chain of employees going down. This enables the addressing of the needs of each region in a manner that best suits those living there. There is also a unique factor about the way in which the Google Company advertises itself. This is done in each region uniquely depending n the cultural values and religious beliefs of the region. Dividing this forms of advertisement enables the company first perform a research on what is considered ethical within eh community in order to ensure that he marketing advertisements they do not offensive to the public. Each region has different needs and it is important that the company present their product in a manner that seems to address these needs. As a result, there are different fo rms of advertisement in each region aimed at capturing the attention of many and winning numbers of users of the Google search engine. Even though the Human Resource department of the Google Company views the employees as an important asset and offers compensation and benefits such as basic salary, medical facility, a bonus, gratuity fund, social security and pick and drop, the company still faces challenges. One of the major challenges facing this organization is that both the employees as well as the management may have lost a clear direction and a common purpose for the company. There was low morale within the company as a result of several attempted

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