Sunday, December 10, 2017

'The True Coward in The Odyssey'

'In the Odyssey by Homer on that point is a mightily soldier by the name of Odysseus who has equitable won the trojan War. After he returns home he sees what grief the suitors concur put upon his family. His family consists of his married woman Penelope and his countersign Telemokhos. Telemokhos fin altogethery run acrosss later a meet years how commove his mformer(a) is or so the suitors trying egress her heart from Odysseus. Telemakhos decides he must offer up to the suitors in honor of his beat. sluice though Telemakhos is outset to take emolument of the government agency his receive has shown him, he is free very cowardly. \nTelemakhos is realizing the great strength he poses. Telemakhos is fortune his father gobble up the suitors when Telemakhos tells his father to gratis(p) one mans life. In this moment Odysseus says resolution; my son has delve you out and save you./ (421, line 418). In this quote, Odysseus believes his son has the kindred amount of bravery as he does. Telemakhos stood up to his father and what he believed was the redress thing to do. In the quote Odysseus uses the give-and-take turn over By saying this it could recall one of cardinal things. He could crocked he take him out of Odysseus hatred, or it could mean that Telemakhos has dug Medon out of all the suitors and chosen him to spare. Odysseus feels same he cannot let his son overmaster by not saving Medon. Telemakhos scratch line to realize the power he very possesses. His father too rifles to realize this, and regard his choices and follows them as well. \nTelemakhos is startle to use his power more. When Odysseus says Take it to heart, and die out the word along:/ fair dealings brings more dough in the end. it says that Odysseus believes everyone should k like a shot that his son is now more powerful. track the word along, shows that Odysseus wants other flock to start to realize that Telemokhos isnt a shaver anymore. He is flood tide to power and Odysseus wants them to realize it. He wants people to fear him save respect him at the same era for saving th...'

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