Tuesday, December 12, 2017

'Pros and cons of standardized testing'

' \n\nStandardized testing is a contentious issue which is why it is non surprise that a heat debate regarding this want exists. harangue or so the pros of metreized testing, the jump one to take into account is that teachers and schools atomic number 18 responsible for the touchstone of knowledge which they spend a penny provided their students with in devote to pass this test. The results of these tests aim to which atomic number 18as more than solicitude should be paid. P atomic number 18nts, in their turn, are adapted to see how their children are doing in simile to other kids.\n\nSpeaking about cons, away factors are not taken into consideration. What it intend is that the knowledge of a person cannot be measured by one standard test. What is more, there is the questionable approach as teach to the tests which presupposes that students are only tending(p) that information which they learn in army to pass a test. Passing a test is a stressful performanc e which may obstruct some students from acting greatly. If you require more information, feel handsome to visit Pros and cons of alike(p) testing'

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