Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Holocaust A Mass Murder Of Millions Of Jews - 993 Words

When the United States heard about the holocaust taking place in Germany, they took action. The Holocaust in Germany was a mass murder of millions of jews that was ran by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party. The United States is taking similar actions today against syrian refugees just like how they did with the germans running the concentration camps. It was believed that Adolf Hitler (ruler of Germany at the time) and the Nazi party (supporters of Hitler) hated many people for many reasons. They hated jews because jews had most of the money,, most of the jobs, and had already established and owned most of the land in Germany. They hated handicapped people because they were believed to be â€Å"useless†, they hated Gypsies because Gypsies were†¦show more content†¦The Nazi’s nearly killed off the entire European, Jewish race, they killed off â…” of the of them. There were many concentration camps all over Germany. Prisoners could be sent to another camp to survive or for other various reasons. The concentration camps were unstable and unsanitary. The main epidemics or diseases that was within the camps was dysentery (diarrhea) and typhoid. The Prisoners had little to no food and had little clothing. At certain times a SS officer could call for selection meaning he or she will pick the prisoners of best fit that can continue to work. If you ended up on the right, you were safe and if you ended up on the left, you were in danger of being killed, later or on the spot. When enemies or invaders were coming near the camps, the camp officials would call for evacuation or â€Å"Death March.† Not many prisoners would survive because they were already starving and would have to run in the cold nonstop. Officials and the guards ran with the prisoners but they eventually got a break by switching with another official or guard. If you stopped wh ile running, you were shot and killed on the spot. The top 5 most famous concentration camps were Auschwitz, Belzec, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, and Chelmno. Auschwitz opened in 1940, around 1.1 million of its prisoners died. Auschwitz is located in Poland and now is a museum. Belzec opened on November, 1941, and closed December 1942. Around 600,000 Jews were murdered at Belzec. Belzec is listed

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