Tuesday, October 22, 2019

transgenic organisms essays

transgenic organisms essays Releasing a Transgenic Organism into Nature In the midst of our society's ever advancing biological technology, scientists have created a plant that is herbicide and pesticide resistant. The question of whether the public should have access to this controversial plant raised many bioethical questions. Farmers encouraged the sale of the plant because it would assist them financially and spare them unnecessary additional labor. They wouldn't have to worry about spraying their crops with herbicides and pesticides because the crops would already be equip to fight away bothersome weeds and pests. Environmentalists are split on the topic. Many strongly believe that the use of the transgenic plant in crops would greatly decrease the pollution that is typical of crops with "normal" plants. Whereas others feel that the plant should not be released into nature because it is believed that "mother nature" should be the only hand that regulates and advances the pace of nature. They are also nervous that possible cross-pollination between "normal" crops and transgenic crops could result in the production of super weeds that could rapidly spread. Leading to an ugly, very unwanted mess! Everything considered, I agree with most of the arguments both for and against the release of transgenic plants into nature. I believe that without taking a risk with our biological discoveries, our world will not evolve into something better; however, I also believe that before we expose the world to new technology, many tests and research should be performed to ensure that the product is safe for the environment, people, and animals. In a word, the only true solution to settle the dispute between the differing views on transgenic plants release into nature is compromise. ...

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