Thursday, October 17, 2019

Marketing analysis Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing analysis - Case Study Example The strength of the company is the exclusivity it provides through its garments. There is a prestige tag attached to the apparels it makes and that become the ‘want’ quotient for the customer. The high pricing is justified because of this prestige factor. The strength of the company also lies in the styles they have created, excellent service to the customer, wide range of sizes, colours and patterns available all come with the prestige factor. The weakness for True religion jeans comes from the marketing strategy implemented. For an average consumer the pricing is too high and the premium market cannot be predictably loyal. Additionally with launching of various apparel ranges like, swimwear, footwear etc. there could be a diversion from its core brand. According to International forum for cotton promotion the jeans market worldwide is grew from US$52 billion in 2007 to US $56 billion by 2014. North Americans have proved to be number one consumers of jeans having maximu m pairs of jeans in their wardrobes. Astonishingly the share of premium jeans is also significant. Even if it may look as mere 2 % of the total market the figures range very high as the basic market is of higher demand. Hence opportunity in the external environment is significant for the company. The threat to the company comes from the increasing share of other manufacturer’s in premium denim wear. ... Considering the analysis above it is a very wise strategy implemented by the company to market the jeans as a premium segment. The premium market share is growing at a significant rate. The organization is mainly counting on the attitude of the customers which says that as long as the garment delivers style and fit, the price for the same holds less importance. Promoting it through television and movie stars is another clever strategy as it instantly adds to the appeal of the jeans. The strategy also specifies that it is worth to pay a few extra as good quality comes with good pricing. Here the product promotion strategy is based on premium value for the money paid. The brand promotion is based on celebrity endorsements. The marketing strategy is based on the study of consumer of jeans and very well supported by services offered. Retail experience for a customer is memorable with good service offered across the counter. To add to it the customer is not sent away by non-availability o f the merchandise. So a customer when walks in is sure to get a memorable experience through wide range of merchandise, helping attitude of the staff and a great style and fit offered in variety of colours and patterns. This builds a strong foundation of customer relationship and makes the customer come back for more. Although the customer would want to come back for more satisfactory shopping experience, the market segment for the organization needs to expand. The current segment takes care of market which is fashion conscious and would not mind spending money to make a style statement. However as stated earlier this segment is also not very brand loyal and is more likely to switch at the first alternative available. In such case

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