Monday, October 14, 2019

Five Traits Essay Example for Free

Five Traits Essay 1.Define and discuss the importance of the following traits associated with leaders: intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. Is this list all inclusive? a.Intelligence: Having a strong verbal ability, perceptual ability, and reasoning abilities; Leaders intellectual abilities, however, should not differ too much from their subordinates; Intelligence is also defined as a trait that significantly contributes to a leader’s acquisition of complex problem-solving skills and social judgement skills; Intelligent leaders have the ability to consider every situation individually and make an assessment as to what is the best solution. b.Self-Confidence: The ability to be certain about one’s competencies and skills is self-confidence; Includes both self-esteem and self-assurance; Self-confidence is an essential trait for any leader because without self-confidence it may become harder for followers to fully trust their leader c.Determination: Determination is the desire to get a job done and includes characteristics such as initiative, persistence, dominance, and drive; these people are proactive and have the perseverance to face obstacles; this trait is needed in order for leaders and followers to overcome goals. d.Integrity: Integrity is the quality of honesty and trustworthiness; these people are those who adhere to a strong set of principles and take responsibility for their actions; Leaders need integrity in order to inspire confidence in others since they are trusted to do what they say they are going to do. e.Sociability: A leader’s inclination to seek out pleasant social relationships; people who possess sociability are able to create strong relationships with their fellow followers. f.The five traits described above are all traits in which strong leaders possess. While the list is certainly not all-inclusive, these five seem to be essential in order to produce a strong and successful leade r.