Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Effects of 9-11 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Effects of 9-11 - Essay Example failures that contributed to the 9-11 attacks like lack of in-flight safety actions like bulletproof cockpit doors, lack of protocols for implementing a coordinated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the access control problem in airport. In 1998 and 1999, a test was performed whose main purpose was to know if security could be broken, the special agent were able to get the access to secure areas and board the aircraft 117 times 68% in all tries. It was done at 8 different airports. In May 2000, a report stated that special agent used fake identifications to reach on these security areas at two different airports. They sent security checkpoints and reached to departure gates of airport. These agents might have harmful items like explosive and missiles onto the aircraft (Dillingham 2). Many Improvements were made to change security and intelligence tactics in the weak areas e.g. founding a state security screener labor force under TSA at airfields, requiring explosive detection screening of all checked bags and strengthening the cockpit doors. Through FAA the access to secure areas also has been improved. FAA is also working on â€Å"smart card† that will confirm the identity of workplaces and approval for bypassing passenger screening. (Dillingham 5)Development of many programs for screening and recognizing danger items are in process. Some other security measures were made for avoiding probable terrorist attacks such as checking of passengers’ shoes at the gate. Many security programs have been implemented e.g. The Known Shipper Program and the Federal Air Marshall Program. The FAA has also implemented the Threat Image Projection (TIP) systems. TIP systems aware screeners by showing them the images of dangerous items on screens of X- ray machines and they also measure the screener performance by noticing threat items. A new fingerprinting system is also implemented and used in many international airports. I think, before the September 11 attacks,

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