Thursday, September 26, 2019

4 questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

4 questions - Essay Example do you feel like are safe? Are you in favor of protectionism? Are you willing to pay more for products if they are made in the U.S.? The jobs which are still safe within the U.S. are related with the state machinery, the labor domains, the teachers, the normal business fraternity and so on. I am in favor of protectionism because it allows the Americans to protect their own selves. Indeed I am willing to pay an extra dime if the products are made in the U.S. This is significant as it will mean the countrymen and women are doing something worthwhile for the U.S. and benefiting the nation. 3. Do you think the United States has an energy crisis? What do you think are the best alternative energy solutions? Would you be willing to pay a $4 a gallon tax if that money would be used to research new alternative energy solutions? It is true that the United States has an energy crisis from which it has to get out. The best alternative energy solutions are in the form of coal exploration and water-based plants which will bring in more energy reservoirs for the country. One would be willing to pay extra if the research for new alternative energy solutions is ensured because this is the need of the hour. It would be the basis of the American nation in terms of success. 4. What is so special about healthcare that requires government intervention? Is access to healthcare a basic human right? What do you think would happen if healthcare was an unregulated free market? Do you think you would be better off or worse off? The thing that is special about healthcare that requires government intervention is that the lives of the people depend entirely on the steps undertaken by the government and hence the need is made essential. Indeed access to healthcare is a basic human right because human beings deserve to live their lives to the fullest with good health and positive energy. If healthcare was an unregulated free market, it

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