Monday, August 26, 2019

Relationship between systematic theology and christian ethics Essay

Relationship between systematic theology and christian ethics - Essay Example Christian ethics is mainly guarded by the biblical scriptures and other sacred teachings. In essence, ethics plays a significant role in molding people’s behavior and way of life. In addition, ethics aids in bring order in the society and ensuring that everyone acts accordingly in areas of resident, social gatherings and places of work. In this essay, investigation of the assertion that, there exists a certain relationship between Christian ethics and systematic theology is going to be investigated. Both disciplines focus on instilling good moral values to Christians. In fact, the core objective of these two fields of study is to enhance upright moral behaviors for Christians. For instance, Fedler (2006) argues that Christian ethics provides a guideline on how Christians should conduct themselves in private and public places. Similarly, systematic theology explores the Christian behaviors in order to set a platform for proper application of the Christian ethics. In essence, the two work hand in hand in building and developing the Christianity base. Christians are expected to be good ambassadors of Christ by acting according to the provisions of the bible and other holy texts. According to Christian ethics, a Christian should be an individual whose character is admirable to the members of the society. Actually, Christians should behave in such a way that non-Christians envy to emulate their character. The advancement in technology and education has eroded the good human morals a nd, therefore, systematic theology and Christianethics need to be applied together in order to restore and uphold acceptable morals in the society. According to Jenson (2001), systematic theology is not only an endeavor for Christianity knowledge but also an exposure to God’s truth on humanity. Through systematic theology, people are able to understand the reasons why God ordered some things to be done the way they are done and, this aids in building a well-founded

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