Saturday, July 27, 2019

Newcastle College international strategies and beyond with respect to Essay

Newcastle College international strategies and beyond with respect to India - Essay Example the validity of the hypothesis that the marketing strategy that has been most lucrative in the case of New Castle College in India has been one that is distinct from one that New Castle College generally employs and has been tailored for the Indian consumers. Over time, numerous colleges based in the United Kingdom have established their campuses in the Asian region (Cornuel 2005). Most notable of these ventures have been those that have been established in developing counties such as India where ventures such as these are being welcomed by local and federal governments (Aggarwal 1982). However, these colleges have observed that there is a stark difference between the marketing strategy that they use in the United Kingdom and the one that they should use in India (Trade and Industry Committee, Great Britain Parliament and House of Commons 2006). This difference has been attributed to the trends towards education that are found in the Indian populace. It is for the same reason that this paper shall use the case of the Indian campus of New Castle College and shall highlight the marketing strategy that New Castle College adopted in India in order to gain a better understanding of the same fact. The paper shall take advantage of publications such as Imagining Marketing: Art, Aesthetics, and the Avant-garde by Brown and Patterson, Geography of marketing and commercial activities in India: documentation on research information by Dixit, International Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation by Doole and Lowe, Marketing across cultures in Asia by Gestelanda and Seyk, Marketing library and information services: international perspectives by Gupta and other similar publications. A complete list of readings that will be used in the research can be found in the suggested readings list at the end of this research proposal. The research shall initiate by considering literature that pertains to the marketing of academic institutions in foreign regions

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