Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ratios Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ratios - Essay ExampleThe standardized scope of financial dimensions also limits quantitative aspects of the communicated information because the ratios do not communicate exact determine of financial information. Profitability is for example expresses in ratios and a firm with relatively lower profit level may report higher profitability ratio than a firm that has recorded higher profit volume. Ratios also assume linear relationship between variables and this mislead stakeholders because most variables are not linearly related (Lee, 2006).Investors could use liquidity ratios to make decisions, on whether to invest in a company or not, by comparing the ratios to the value one. Ratios that are slight than one means that a company is overwhelmed by debt, is liable to creditors terms and should inform a potential investor against the company. Ratios, which are greater than one, however mean an presidencys independence from creditors adverse influences and offers short-term stability for investment. Investors can also use the magnitude of liquidity ratios to understand the level of a companys liquidity for investment decision because a more liquid company is more secure for investors short term interests (Lee,

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