Monday, June 17, 2019

Problem set22 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Problem set22 - Assignment ExampleBased on the presented data regarding the phonology of Ojibwa native language, the morphemes meaning I and you take the forms of Verbs animate intransitive (vai) as they are primarily used to refer to animate subjects rather than objects. In this regard, when using the morphemes meaning I and you the verb conjugates or changes their forms depending on the number and person. However, personal affixes are used in conjugation as opposed to personal pronouns.b. Yes, the anyomorphs for I are in a complementary color distribution while the allomorphs for you .This is particularly because the allomorphs for I only appears before the voiceless -voice consonants while the allomorphs for you comes before voiced +voice consonants and in open syllables.a. What happens to the final consonants of in each of the two childrens language is that the first child (Child1) omits the voice stops and devoice z while child 2(the second child) seems to be devoicing the fin al consonants. However, not all the consonants behave the same way.I would argue that although the statement I wont get nothin seems illogical because it involves two negatives, it makes sense in that it has been used in an informal way as seen in the use of the word nothin to mean nothingI observed a female and a male public lecture in a popular TV program. Differences between male and female have existed and in different dimensions (Holtgraves, 2013). It has been said that the use of words would tell more about a persons social inclination and feeling. When it comes to gender differentiation based on the use of language, many differences can be identified. A lot of research has been carried out to identify the linguistic differences between the two genders (Charness & Gneezy, 2012). The common question has been to which extent does each gender use words cover differences from each other?Do differences in language use exist in the current world? If so how

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