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Paper 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Paper 3 - Essay ExampleWho among them was right, is it the urban center management or is it Uriah? Arguments raised by the two parties depart help in determining the case. On his part, Uriah felt that his actions were justified while the City felt that they were justified in their decision to fire the employee. In the arguments that I shall hereby raise, I will look at both sides of the arguments and why they felt they were justified in their actions. Moreover, I will in any case explore the possibilities in both cases. Discussions to the case As opposed to crimes which are public, torts are private wrongs connected by people or condescensiones. Unintentional torts, also known as negligence are be as the situation whereby a individual has every failed to do something or has done something that a sound person in his or her own right mind would not do and the another person has suffered harm as a result of the foreseeable action or inaction (Cooke, 2007). The action that has ei ther been committed or omitted is what is referred to as negligence. In the case of Uriah versus the City, Uriah acted in due negligence and breached his duty of care. This was against the ethical motive of business which requires that an employee should at all times portray a behavior or character that in no way will dent the image of the company, whether on duty or off duty. loser by any employee to observe the code of ethics could attract severe consequences, even dismissal. According to miller (2012), many businesses take their codes of ethics with increased levels of seriousness as they value how their customers judge them in abidance to the image of the employees. With the high levels of competition due to globalization, no business is ready to let anything to chance in maintaining their public image and stay ahead of their competition. In essence, the dismissal of Uriah was backed by ethics of the business. In particular, Uriah would cost the business its image as few custo mers would like being served by a darkness club dancer. Clubs are associated with all mannerisms of immorality and bad behavior. Contrary to this, the modern business environment is have-to doe with about image, ethics and morals. Employees such as Uriah thus find themselves on the wrong due to their actions. moth miller & Jentz, (2010) observe that businesses have increasingly shunned away unethical behavior such as alcoholism, drug vitiate among other socially unaccepted behavior. Some even restrict the areas in which their employees need to reside in, the eccentric of social places that they can hang out in and the dress codes. All this is supposed to show their customers that they interpret what it means to be ethically responsible. As part of the corporate social responsibility, businesses are required to be on the front line in promoting moral behaviorisms in the society. They can only survive this through keeping employees who are ethically responsible. It is due to th ese reasons that the City decided to fire Uriah for being a nighttime club dancer. On his part, Uriah was justified in a number of ways to take part in the night club dance as a part time job. However, his argument would be clever as he had to put into consideration the damages his actions would have caused the company. Although he had acted in violation of the codes of ethics, business morals require that an

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