Friday, April 19, 2019

Analyze and interpret the events surrounding the overthrow of foreign Essay - 1

Analyze and interpret the events surrounding the overthrow of foreign governments by the United States. Why did the United States depose these foreign governments and what were the long term consequences - Essay Example keep on the range of the Navy and Air Force, Kinzer shows how corporate interests, particularly related to the sugar industry, worked together with both the presidential administration and military forces to establish a new government in Hawaii, protect it militarily finished the deployment of Marine forces, and then to give it official recognition over the indigenous Hawaiian government lead by the Queen, essentially enacting regime change. (Kinzer, 2006) Kinzer raises that minority corporate interests related to the sugar industry flock the policy, but that this also was part of the broader goals of the imperial era where many industrialized nations sought to extend their puzzle out globally through a combination of trade, military occupation, colonization, and natural resource exploitation. Another critical feel Kinzer identifies is what brush off be called the land grab where corporate interests such as those related to the sugar plantations acquired gigantic tracts of land from indigenous peoples using dishonest means cloaked in legality.The next main casing Kinzer gives is the manufacturing of consent for war in the style of yellow journalism is Cuba, as related to the sinking of the Lusitania. Kinzer suggest that again sugar interests were a driving force, but behind the sugar trade the more inglorious aspects of late 19th Century capitalism that were represented elsewhere in America. This is the era of the great buccaneer Barons, Carnegie, Morgan, Frick, Rockefeller, and the founders of modern finance and industrialization in America. Kinzer focuses more on the wider imperial forces that drive this era, such as the Spanish-American war, Cuba, the Philippines, and early intervention in the Banana Republics all as examples of th e imperial drive that were driven by the urge to dominate other nations and indigenous groups through trade, land grabs, and natural resource exploitation. Kinzer shows how the aspects of the trade can shift from profit

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