Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Elements / Characters Essay

Crisostomo Ibarra besides known as Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsilan, a Filipino who studied in Europe for 7 years. The love interest of Maria Clara. Son of usurp Rafael Ibarra. Elias Ibarras mysterious friend and a fugitive.Kapitan Tiyago as well known as Don Santiago de los Santos the known give of Maria Clara. Padre Damaso Also known as Damaso Verdolagas, a Franciscan Friar and Maria Claras biological father. Padre Salvi Also known as Bernardo Salvi. Maria Claras secret admirer. Maria Clara Maria Clara de los Santos, Ibarras sweetheart and illegitimate female child of Padre Damaso and Pia Alba. Pilosopo Tasyo Also known as Don Anastasio. cognize to be a crazy person by his neighbors but real quite a wise person. Ibarra seeks advice from him. Sisa The Mother of Crispin and Basilio, who lost her mind afterwards losing her sons.Basilio The elder son of Sisa.Crispin The younger son of Sisa who died because he was punished by the soldiers who was accusing him of steal ing money. Alperes Chief of the Guardia Civil and mortal enemy of the priests.Donya Victorina Victorina de los Reyes de Espadana, a woman who thinks she is in the same class as the Spanish the great unwashed or a well-disposed climber.Donya Consolacion Wife of the Alperes and also a social climber who abused Sisa.Don Tiburcio de Espadana Spanish husband of Donya Victorina and pretends to be a doctor.Linares A distant nephew of Don Tiburcio de Espadana, the would-be fianc of Maria Clara.Don Filipo A close relative of Ibarra, and a Filibuster.Senyor Nol Juan The one who supervised the making of the school.Tarsilo at Bruno Brothers, whose father was killed by the Spaniards.Iday, Sinang, Victoria,at Andeng The friends of Maria Clara.Kapitan-Heneral The most powerful official in the Philippines. A friend of Ibarra who hates secular priests and corrupt officials.Don Rafael Ibarra The deceased father of Crisostomo Ibarra. Kapitan Pablo Leader of the rebels whose family was des troyed by the Spaniards. Padre Sibyla A Filipino friar who spies on Ibarra.Pedro Abusive husband of Sisa. Noli Me Tangere Capitan Santiago de los Santos, or Capitan Tiago, hosts a dinner in his house at Calle Anloague. In the party there were most-valuable people who attended, such as Padre Damaso, Padre Sibyla, Liutenant Guevara, Laruja, Donya Victorina de Espadana, and Don Tiburcio de Espadana. Capitan Tiago hence enters the living room and introduced Crisostomo Ibarra to the guests as the only son of Don Rafael Ibarra and that he just arrived from Europe. At dinner over Tinola, the guests were conversing about Crisostomos travels to some(prenominal) countries and then Padre Damaso interfered and embarrassed Ibarra and so he left the party.

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