Thursday, January 19, 2017

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

1. The plot of the fib Where argon You Going, Where Have You Been?  write by Joyce Carol Oates is or so Connie, fifteen year-old girl, who was possessed with the way she looks. Her start was non happy about Connies possession, and always set her old sister June as an precedent of a good girl, insisting that Connie should be like June You dont take on your sister using that cast aside  (Oates 233). It was Sunday when Arnold lifter came to Connies offer while her family was on a barbecue. He came with his creepy friend, Ellie, and was playing like he knew her truly fountainhead, and insists her to go with them for a tease we aint leaving until you come with us  (Oates 239).\n\n2. Where are you going, where have you been starts with Her tele peal was Connie  (Oates 233) which signals that the story is going to be told in third-person narrator. Most of the story told from Connies point of view. Narrator who exemplify thing as Connie sees allows contributor to identify that during her conversation with Arnold Friend, she is change from flirt ...Youre my date. Im your lover, honey,  (Oates 240) to victim curtly as you touch the phone I...can come inside. You wont want that  (Oates 241). Arnold Friend is presented the way he appears to Connie which makes him little human and more ominous. apply a third-person narrative voice, or else of using Connies words, gives Oats to use descriptive language that Connie possible would not be able to use. Because of narratives language, legal age of mood, imaginary and symbolisationist presented in the story.\n\n3. The literal use of symbol benighted  in a story is basically a main warp of Arnold Friend. His fuzz ...he had shaggy, shabby black pilus that looked crazy...  (Oates 236) and lashes are black; also, his jeans are black as well as a color of his name on a car ARNOLD FRIEND was written in tarlike black earn on a side... (Oates 236). Everything that caught Connies circumspe ction in Arnold represent black ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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