Friday, October 28, 2016

Comparative Essay - The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, a tonic written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, exemplifies and outlines the general life keep going in the 20s. We see this finished the actions of certain characters within the sacred scripture and certain incidents that happen as well. Fitzgerald wrote the novel, basing it on drive in and ro military mance, alone the symbolism used within the text shows the connections between the populate back in the day. This novel not only tells a story about a complicated love triangle, only if it outlines the life of various classed community living under different circumstances such as the prohibition. The connections made by the lecturer can be seen by means of the chief(prenominal) characters, such as, tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby. The narrator, Nick Carraway describes the events that happen, as he too plays a cosmic role on the test to rekindle Daisy and Gatsbys old love. tom turkey, Daisys husband, is the main obstacle for Gatsbys reunition with Daisy. The two characters, Gatsby and Tom, fox completely dissimilar personalities, they some(prenominal) constituent the same love for Daisy, and are both pixilated and prosperous men.\nAlthough Tom and Gatsby share many similarities, Tom differs from Gatsby in many ways. Tom is an tyrannical man who similars to show reach his power and money. He believes that with money, comes striking power and the privilege to olfactory modality down upon others. He is underbred and although he was brought up in a well school family, he is not thin nor is he gracious. This can be observed through his rowing to Nick, during lunch at his house, instantly dont think my opinion on these matters are final unspoilt because Im stronger and more of a man that you are (Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, 11). His scuttlebutt towards Nick may be perceived as a joke to a ref who has just been introduced to Tom, but as the story progresses, we see that it is in Toms nature to act like a self rev olve around person because of the thought that he has the power to do so. Tom also makes many antiblack comments at the lun...

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