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History on the United States Involvement in the Vietnam state of state of struggle This theme impart examine the history of coupled states Vietnam betrothal during 1964 to 1968 it will emphasize the evolution of the national policy and objectives during that period. The Vietnam fight worm out to be Americans longest state of struggle with massive committedness of men and material, but most retrieve it a loser for the United States. The Vietnam struggle resulted in the deaths of to a greater extent than 50,000 American and sincere loss national reputation. Vietnam had an intense and prejudicial effect on Americans view of the military. It was non until scourge pull that the military regained the trust of the American people. Perhaps no some other event, except the American civil contend did so much(prenominal)(prenominal) raise Americans consciousness and thus as the Vietnam war. Un akin population War II the Vietnam War did not generate a nat ional emergency that united all(prenominal) American in a common cause. introduction war II scourgeened national endurance and on that pointfore was a much simpler war. After Japans attack on Pearl hold back, at that place was no doubt that Japan was an enemy. Also Germany became a adapted flagellum to the United States and its allies when it declared war on America following Pearl bear.
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Pearl Harbor finally causes a separation United States to became implicated in the war that had been waging in Europe since 1930s. The Korean War uniform Vietnam lacked a thought of clarity Korea is an important e xample of a war that did not threaten the Un! ited States vital interest. thence both Korea and Vietnam presented policy-making challenges not present in World War II. Containment of socialism was the policy that governed U.S actions in both-Korea and Vietnam to many Americans collectivism in Asia did not pose a direct threat to the united states as did World war II or the cold war in Europe this led to micro sustained support for the Vietnam war in a sensation Vietnam was a replacement war in which the united states was fighting an enemy other than...If you want to get a good essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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